WoW Secret Gold Guide Review

WoW Secret Gold Guide Review

Dugi Warcraft Guides Review

Dugi Warcraft Guides Review


Roleplaying Notes

Burning Legion Soldiers

Although Tichondrius is a pow erful Nathrezim dreadlord, he rarely depends on his combat abilities and instead prefers to manipulate situations from behind the scenes. He is an exceptional diplomat, with an incredible proficiency for bribing, corrupting or otherwise coercing people into doing his will. He often attempts to come across as a friend by providing token amounts of assistance, but always requires more significant favors to be paid back in return from those he helps. Even though he...

Greater Link Spell [Metamagic

Mystic Creature Tattoos

You can cast any number of spells at the same time. Prerequisite Link Spellf. Benefit As Link Spell, except that you may link any number of spells together. Greater Spell Specialization General Your mastery with a single spell is unmatched. Prerequisites Greater Spell Focus, Spell Focus, Spell Specialization , caster level 12th. Benefit Choose a spell with which you have Spell Specialization and that belongs to a school in which you have Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus. Your caster level is...

Dark Rune Master Warcraft

Undead Guard

Welcome to More Magic & Mayhem This book contains loads of new magic and technological material for your World of Warcraft The Roleplaying Game campaign. This book is broken down into the following chapters This chapter presents three new magic-related rule sets. Any character with the right headspace and skill selection can learn to create potent alchemical concoctions from rare herbs and other plants. These brews are not magical, but their effects are reminiscent of magic they heal damage,...