O [ Goblin Sponsorship [ Martek the Exiled

Before we leave, go south and zone into Tanaris. Go to Gadgetzan and talk to the Gryphon master on the other side of the town to get the new flight path. Hearthstone to Theramore, turn in the quest [30] Highperch Venom then get out of Theramore and follow the road northwest and then south to the Barrens. In the Barrens go north then east to Ratchet. Talk to Gazlowe in Ratchet, get the follow up [37] Goblin Sponsorship. Also talk to Wharfmaster Dizzywig on the docks and get the follow up [36] Parts for Kravel

Take the boat to Booty Bay. In Booty Bay on the docks, talk to Wharfmaster Lozgil and get the follow up. Then go to the Inn in Booty Bay and make it your home location. Then go train new skills in Stormwind by gryphon ride (for rogues, there's a trainer on the 1st floor of booty bay inn). Visit the Auction house, repair, sell, buy 4 stacks of food/drink (of course don't buy drinks if you aren't a class with mana).

Level 32

At level 32 the zone we will be aiming for is Stranglethorn Vale. Quest Gathering:

o First of all get all the quests you can from Booty Bay. o Get the quests in the Rebel Camp in Strangelthorn Vale (37,3). o Then go to the Nesingwary's Camp (35,10) and get all quests there.

You should have these quests:

o [31] Hemet Nesingwary from Kravel at the Mirage Raceway o [31] Supply and Demand from Drizzlik in Booty Bay.

o [31] Panther Mastery From Nesingwary camp.

o [31] Tiger Mastery From Nesingwary camp.

o [32] Investigate the Camp From Krazek in Booty Bay.

• [33] The Second Rebellion From Sergeant Yohwa at the Rebel Camp. o [34] Bad Medicine Sergeant Yohwa at the Rebel Camp.

o [34] Raptor Mastery From Nesingwary camp. o [35] Bloodscalp Ears From Kebok in Booty Bay. o [35] Singing Blue Shards From Crank Fizzlebub in Booty Bay. o [36] Hostile Takeover From Kebok in Booty Bay.

• [37] Krazek's Cookery From Corporal Kaleb at the Rebel Camp.

o [37] Goblin Sponsorship From the Baron Revilgaz on top of the Booty Bay Inn. o [37] The Stone of the Tides From Baron Revilgaz in Booty Bay, prereq for this quest is given by Krazek in Booty Bay.

• [41] Scaring Shaky From "Sea Wolf" McKinley in Booty Bay.

No need to take the Green Hills of Stranglethorn quests (the one with the chapters), it will just encumber your quest log for now. You will complete each chapter when you get the right pages. So while you hunt always look out for these:



Step 1: Kill River Crocolisks which can be found all along the river in northern Stranglethorn Vale until you find 2 Large Crocolisk Skins. While you search for crocs you can also kill Young Tigers close to the river for Tiger Mastery.

Step 2: Then kill 10 Young Tigers (or as much as you still got left) Tigers can be found mostly south and around the Nesingwary camp.

Step 3: Kill Young Panthers, they are mostly found on the other side of the river to the east. (41,10).

Step 4: Go further northeast to the Kurzen Camp (44,11) and kill 15 Kurzen Jungle Fighters as well as Kurzen Medecine Men until you get 7 Jungle Remedies (might take a while). Also you'll need a Fern Extract from one of the piles of crates scattered around the Kurzen Compound.

Step 5: Once all 4 quests are done go turn them in (besides Supply and Demand, which you will turn in later) at the Rebel Camp where you get the follow up:

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