O [ Tiger Mastery o [ Raptor Mastery o [ Panther Mastery

Check if you completed any of the chapters of the Stranglethorn pages quests as well and turn them in if you did.

o Chapter I: page 1,4,6,8 o Chapter II: page 10,11,14,16 . Chapter III: page 18,20,21,24

Make sure you repair and sell junk at the vendor before you go again. You will probably need a lot of space in your bags with the extra pages you will find.

Step 13: Now you probably must be about halfway to level 34. It's time to go grind at Kurzen camp or on the Trolls, up to you. When you are 1 bubble away from lvl 34, warp to Booty Bay.

When in Booty Bay. Turn in the following quests:

o [31] Supply and Demand at Drizzlik in the "Tan-your-hide-Leatherwork" shop. It is situated on the top floor and not too far from the inn in Booty Bay. o [35] Singing Blue Shards on the ground floor in bootay bay inn. o [35] Bloodscalp Ears

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