[ Rhapsody Shindigger Also get [ Witherbark Cages from him

Then make Aerie Peak your home location. (the innkeeper can be hard to find, he wanders about on the top floor inside the inn)

** Reminder: If you find a distress beacon on mobs in Hinterlands, right click it and get the quest**


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1. Rhapsody Shindigger

2. Ruins of Zun'watha

3. Ruins of Hiri'watha

4. Green Sludges 7. Gammerita (Roamer)

5. Jade Oozes

6. Homing Robot (optional)

2. Head out directly east of Aerie Peak, follow a small path while staying close to the mountain to your left. You will find Shindigger's camp (26,48).

Talk to Rhapsody and get the follow up [43] Rhapsody's Kalimdor Kocktail

**While in the Hinterlands look for Wilkdkin Feathers, they are big white/brown feathers you can find on the ground throughout Hinterlands. They don't drop off the Owlbeasts. I found most of them in between Aerie Peak and Quel'Danil Lodge. Start gathering them from now on while doing the quest circuit**

3. Go south to the troll ruins of Zun'watha (23,58), clear the camp and check the first and second Witherbark cages.

Then go east to the troll ruins of Hiri'watha (32,57). Clear some space inside and check the "Third Witherbark Cage"

Kill trolls until you get 5 Troll Tribal Necklaces.

4. Go northeast to Agol'Watha (46,40) and kill 10 Sludge Ooze.

Go east to Skulk Rock (56,44) and kill 10 Jade Ooze. Beware of the wolf stalkers there though, they are stealthed, so be prepared for unexpected adds.

5. Optional: If you got the Distress Beacon OOX-22/HL, go to the lake northwest of Skulk Rock and find the Homing robot there (49,37). Turn in the quest. Before you accept the rescue quest, here is what you must know:

o This quest, unlike the Feralas one, is more likely to be done solo. It's still not a walk in the part of course. So if you got a partner to duo it, all the better for you.

o Let the chicken run in front of you, let it get the first hit. If it's not getting hit, it won't fight back. Sometimes mobs are actually chasing the chicken and failing to get a hit on it, so they give up.

o You'll have to face 2 ambushes of 3 mobs each, make sure you are full health/mana and with long cooldown abilities up when you start the escort. When the 3 ambushers attack, stand back until the chicken gets hit. Then let the chicken tank one of the 3 adds, deal with the 2 others as quick as you can, then help the chicken finish off the 3rd add.

If you don't have the beacon, you can come back later when you get one. But of course now is the most efficient time to do it, cause it's on your quest path ©

6. Go southeast, to the Overlook Cliffs (70,63) and follow the path down to the shore. Search your bags for the Super Snapper FX and make a hotkey out of it. Then ride along the shore and search for a named turtle named Gammerita. She is easy to discern from the rest because she's the only aggressive turtle (red name -- turn NPC names on in your interface options, advanced options tab). She roams a lot, so you'll find her anywhere between the waterfall (82,47) and Revantusk Village (77,77).

You don't need to kill her, just get close enough and use the Super Snapper FX on her, she will not like it and will attack you, just run away. You should now normally have a Snapshot of Gammerita in your inventory.

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