[ Zapped Giants [ Fuel for the Zapping

Look inside your bags for Zorbin's Ultra-Shrinker and put it on a hotkey.

2. Then go south along the shore and start killing water elementals. Look for giants as well, they are elite but if you use the Zorbin's Zapper on them they become totally managable. Keep killing elementals and giants until you got 15 Miniaturization Residue and 10 Water Elemental Core.

Once finished, go turn in your quest at Zorbin Fandazzle.

Optional: You can take the 2 follow ups (which appear lvl 55 but are still about the same mobs) if you feel like it and redo the quests several times, it's not so bad for grinding as you get an extra 550XP, 21 Silver and faction increase with all Steamwheedle Cartel factions per quest turn in, but on the other hand those elementals are kinda hard to kill with certain classes, so I'll let you be the judge here. (I redid both quests only once, then it was getting too boring :p)

Note: For engineers it's worth it, because after completing the quests, Zorbin opens his store and you can buy Schematic: Snake Burst Firework.

3. Get back on the main road and ride north/northeast towards the yeti cave (51,32). On the way there also kill every Ironfur Bear and Groddoc Thunderer you find. You need 3 livers of each for [43] Rhapsody's Kalimdor Kocktail. Kill Rage Scar Yetis until you get 10 Rage Scar Yeti Hide and a Pristine Yeti Hide (rare drop). When you get the Pristine hide, right click it and get the quest.

Note: Miners / Skinners you might want to grind here a little, this is a good spot.

4. Get out of the yeti cave and go north until you can get back on the main road, then northwest until you find a stone giant named Rockbiter. Get the quest [49] The Giant Guardian from him.

Then go directly north to the Ruins of Ravenwind. There are level 48-50 Harpies everywhere in those ruins, the lvl 50s will be a bit harder but manageable. Plus, they drop Vibrant Plumes for Darkmoon Faire tickets. Be careful with runners, overall, be very careful in that area, take your time to pull one by one, don't be reckless or you will die (I did! :P )

5. First go west to (38,15), next to a thick square tower you'll find a dark gazebo, inside of it is the first flame, right click it. Loot the Byltan Essence.

Go northeast to (40,12) to some big ruined arch, the 2nd flame is on the top of it in the middle. To get there you have to get behind the building and jump from stones to stones until you can reach the flame of Samha. Right click it and loot the Samha Essence.

Then go back and jump down the building, directly northeast of it and on slightly higher ground among ruins you will find the flame of Imbel. (39,9) Loot the Imbel Essence.

Then go southwest (ignore Shay Leafrunner for now if you see her) until (37,11). The Flame of Lahassa is under a dark brown gazebo. Loot the Lahassa Essence.

6. Now that you have all 4 essences, go southeast to the Equinex Monolith (38,13).

Clear some space around it, then go to it, search your bags for Troyas's Stave. Right click it to charge the stave, then right click the monolith, complete the quest, get the follow up [50] The Morrow Stone.

7. Get out of the Monolith area and then clear yourself a path northwest to Shay Leafrunner. Before you take the quest, here is the trick :

After taking the quest you must loot the bell from the chest next to Shay. Make a hotkey of that bell. Now here is the problem with Shay, she wanders off every now and then, she always says something like "oh what a beautiful flower" and goes away. When she does that you are supposed to ring the bell and she will run back to you. The problem is that the bell has a rather long cooldown so she ends up wandering off too often.

The trick is that as soon as you ring the bell, she will run to you, so you should start running southeast / south towards Rockbiter (42,21) and she will keep running after you until she catches up. When she catches up she will say something like 'I wandered off again, sorry". But the cooldown on the bell will be reset already.

In short: When she wanders off, ring the bell and run away, don't let her catch up to you. Even if you get aggroed by mobs keep running. Only stop if Shay herself gets attacked, then you will have to defend her. You can run and look behind you by holding your mouse's left click and moving the mouse, to make sure she's still running after you.

Once at the giant, turn in the quest. Then go southeast and back on the road, follow the road south and then east until (54,41).

8. Now you can go south back into the Yeti Cave and try to escort the Homing Robot again if you didn't before. It's still really hard solo, but at level 47 I managed to do it (was extremely close with the mage though). I recommend finding someone willing to duo it with you. Anyway, one advice, just ALWAYS let the chicken get hit first before you do anything.

If you don't manage to solo this quest or can't find a person to duo it just abandon it. It's really optional, but do try hard though. :P

9. Then get back on the road, keep going east and past the bridge until (65,49). When there, go down and northeast towards the grimtotem camp. Go talk to Kindal Moonweaver (those two elven chicks we already helped back then with the sprite darters).

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