You'll find Hitah'ya the Keeper and 2 guards patrolling around the Ancient Egg. Kill Hitah'ya the Keeper first, should be a pushover for a group of 4 or 5. Get the Ancient Egg.

Once you have the Ancient Egg, clear the way out of the cave back to the Altar, from there go north towards the other cave at (56,68). Kill the two trolls guarding it's entrance. Then go through the cave and on the other side of it you'll find Sharpbeak in it's cage. Free Sharpbeak and watch him fly away with his parents.

You are done, hearthstone back to Aerie Peak and turn in the quest [53] Saving Sharpbeak (Elite). Also turn in any stacks of 5 Troll Tribal Necklaces you might have gotten during your Jintha' Alor trip.

Go turn the other quest in Tanaris at Steamwheedle port, and get the follow up quest [53] The God Hakkar (Dungeon)

8. Turning in the quests will make you ding level 50 or be very close, and you can go kill some trolls next to the Altar of Zul to finish your level, or some ogres in Tanaris. For those who didn't do Zul'Farrak: Time to grind! Ding level 50, and end of Chapter II.


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