James Alliance leveling guide Chapter II

Journey from Stranglethorn Vale to Hinterlands Introduction

This guide will take you from level 41 to level 50 in a breeze, but you can actually start with it at level 44 for example and catch up with the guide really quick, it's not an issue. I suggest you read the basic rules and recommendations I listed in the Chapter I of my leveling guide if you haven't already. No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran world of warcraft player, if you follow this guide carefully you'll find yourself XP'ing at an hillarious rate. So please give it a try and then say how it went for you!

Shopping list:

o 2 Elixirs of Fortitude Level 41

1. Go to Stormwind.

Go to the Dwarven District and get the quest [43] In Search of the Temple (Elite) from Brohann Caskbelly inside a house in the Dwarven District (63,24).

2. Stranglethorn Vale:

Fly to Booty Bay, make the Inn your home point and get the quests:

o [37] Goblin Sponsorship from Baron Revilgaz in Booty Bay Inn (Top Floor)

o [41] The Bloodsail Buccaneers from First Mate Crazz just past the "Old Port Authority"

building (First big building when getting off the Boat).

o [42] Skullsplitter Tusks from Kebok in the Booty Bay inn (2nd Floor).

o [43] Akiris by the Bundle from Privateer Bloads next to the Bank.

o [43] Zanzil's Secret from Crank Fizzlebub inside the Booty Bay Inn.

o [45] Tran'Rek from Krazek in Booty Bay Inn (2nd Floor).

In the Stranglethorn Vale category you should also already have: o [38] Kurzen's Mystery o [38] Panther Mastery o [39] "Pretty Boy" Duncan o [41] Raptor Mastery o [41] Scaring Shaky ° [41] Venture Company Mining

So here we are -13 quests to deal with. Let's get busy! Make space in your bags, repair and buy 2 stacks of food/drink (if you don't have that already, of course). For those who didn't finish the Stranglethorn Pages yet: this is your last chance, check the Booty Bay AH and ask in general channel for missing pages. If you got them all, take them with you.

1. "Pretty Boy" Duncan / Bloodsail Correspondence

2. Naga Explorers

3. Elder Mistvale Gorillas

Run out of Booty Bay and take the first way left until the Bloodsail Encampment by the shore. Pretty Boy Duncan should be there (28,69). if not, keep clearing the camp until he appears. Kill Pretty Boy Duncan and loot Catelyn's Blade from him. While you have the camp cleared, look for a map named "Bloodsail Correspondence" on one of the barrels, click it and get the follow up quest.

Go northwest across the bridge and keep going along the shore until you find some Nagas. Kill Naga Explorers at (24,65) until you get 10 Akiris Reed.

Then go back to the exit of Booty Bay but this time follow the trail to the north. A bit further on the right hand side of the road you will find Elder Mistvale Gorillas (31,67). Kill Gorillas there until you get 5 Mistvale Giblets.

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