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1.Groveitalker Lynn & Grove Seedlings

2.Veil L.ishh


4.Thunderlo;d Dire Wolves

5.Diii Mother Itema

6.Toshley'! Station

7.Bladespire Outpost B. Scaiewijig Serpents

9.Daggemaw Lashtaili

10.The Singing Ridge tt.Hawaii's Landing U.Erergrove

13. Fel Corrupters, Daggermaw & Scalewir

14. Ska Id

15. Poachers 4 Hewers

11.Bioodmaul Camp

1) Once you get to the top of the stairs, just outside the cave at Sentinal Moonwhisper accept "Killing the Crawlers" then go in the cave, kill them while you pass through to the other side

2) Now I would like to say that Blades Edge is a huge maze and you might have to go way around to get down or up but following my guide helps._

3) Follow the road until you reach Sylvanaar, grab "The Den Mother" on the wanted sign, then go in the first building on your left to Kialon Nightblade and turn in "No Time for Curiosity" then outside the building near the stone and benches is Rina Moonspring, accept "The Encroaching Wilderness"

4) Go north to the next building to Skyshadow and turn in "Killing the Crawlers" accept "The Bloodmaul Ogres"

5) Go north some more and from the dryad Daranelle accept "Malaise" then go in this long building, you'll see 2 explorers' league members at the front, accept "Into the Draenethyst Mine" from Bronwyn and "Strange Brew" from Borgrim

6) Go across to the Inn and make it your home then go to the top of town and grab the FP_

7) Go south of town and kill the grovestalker lynx's for "The Encroaching Wilderness" once you have them all killed go west to Veil Lashh at 35,73 and kill the arakkoa for their feathers. Be careful if they run to a circle they try to summon a pet. Once you have all the feathers make your way to the bridge going up into the trees at 34,76 and go up in it and you'll see the book on a table. Use the book and turn in "Malaise" accept "Scratches" then stand on one of the purple circles and use the feathers to get a Kaliri Totem bird like pet_

8) Go back north to Sylvanaar and left as you enter to Rina, turn in "The Encroaching Wilderness" accept "Marauding Wolves"

9) Go north to Daranelle and she'll take the spirit off you and then you can turn in "Scratches"

10) Go south to 38,74 and follow the path down into the Bloodmaul Ravine and kill the ogres for "The Bloodmaul Ogres" also keep an eye out at the camps for brew kegs for "Strange Brew" and you can get it from brewmasters, more than 1 brew can be in a barrel (collect 5 more than needed for this juestfor later). Work your way south while doing this to the Draenethyst Mine at 43,82

11) Inside the cave keep killing ogres that you see and grab the Draenethyst Mine Crystals for "Into the Draenethyst Mine" you can find some kegs in here too. Once you're done exit the cave and finish jetting any brew and ogres you need. Make sure you have 5 extra brews

12) Run back to Sylvanaar and go to the 2nd building on your left to Skyshadow, turn in "The Bloodmaul Ogres" accept "The Bladespire Ogres"

13) Go inside the long building to Borgrim and turn in "Strange Brew" accept "Getting the Bladespire Tanked" then turn around to Bronwyn and turn in "Into the Draenethyst Mine"

14) Follow the path east at 41,65 over towards the horde base and once you cross kill the Thunderlord Dire Wolves for "Marauding Wolves" then grind down to the cave at 52,74 and slay Rema for "The Den Mother" she's really easy

Go east to the path going up, you'll see R-3D0 who is just a broken bot, tells you to not go up to Toshley's Station but it's a gnome quest hub.

16) Follow the path up to Toshley's at 60,69 and at Nickwinkle, accept "Crystal Clear" at Toshley accept "Picking Up Some Power Converters" then go east and grab the FP

17) Go around the other side to Tally and accept "Test Flight: The Zephyrium Capacitorium" then turn aorund to Rally and say you're ready for your flight which is going to zap you and then throw you far away, down the hill near R-3D0, you won't get hurt. Go back up and talk to Tally and turn it in and accept "Test Flight: The Singing Ridge"_

18) Go north to the Bladespire Outpost at 57,60 and click the power converters then use the magneto collector on the electromental that comes out and then kill it for "Picking Up Some Power Converters"

19) Go back to Toshley and turn in "Picking Up Some Power Converters" accept "Ride the Lightning"

20) Now you can get some more quests, talk to Dizzy Dina and accept "Ridgespine Menace" then you should see Razak Ironsides walking around, accept "Cutting Your Teeth"

21) In the Inn accept "What Came First, the Drake or the Egg?"

22) Now sign the waiver in your bag and talk to Rally again and select take me to singing ridge

23) Now you're on the other side of the canyon

24) Now go north of this spot and pop on the magneto sphere and absorb lightning strikes from scalewing serpents, you should get about 2-4 per fight depending on your class, also gathering glands from them for "Ride the Lightning" this can be rather annoying since you have to have the debuff on you

_for a minute before you can remove it and the lightning makes you take extra damage and you have a permanent hamstring on you too.

25) Keep an eye out for Ridgespine Stalkers for "Ridgespine Menace" they're the stealthed spiders that creep near the spikes and kill daggermaw lashtails for their teeth for "Cutting Your Teeth" most of the daggermaws are north of death's door on the map, which if you don't have that uncovered, it's the canyon you just got thrown over

26) Now either run south, or back to Toshley's and have them throw you back east then go south into the singing ridge, look for spiky looking eggs and use them, then use the phase modulator on them and kill whatever the tiny dragon turns into for "What Came First, the Drake or the Egg?"

27) Also kill crystal flayers for "Crystal Clear" as you go through the ridge and back to Toshley's

28) Once you kill them all go back to Toshley's and turn in "Ride the Lightning" accept "Trapping the Light Fantastic" then to Nickwinkle and turn in "Crystal Clear" accept "Gauging the Resonant Frequency"

29) Go to Tally and turn in "Test Flight: The Singing Ridge"

30) At Dizzy Dina turn in "Ridgespine Menace" accept "More than a Pound of Flesh"

31) Find Ironsides in town and turn in "Cutting Your Teeth" then in the Inn turn in "What Came First, the Drake or the Egg?"

32) Now to to Tally again and accept "Test Flight: Razaan's Landing" but don't turn it in yet_

33) Now anywhere in singing ridge, I recommend just inside the area when it says singing ridge, clear the mobs for about 50 yards, now you have to use the frequency scanner in your bag and lay 5 down at least 25 yards away from each other, in a circle. (Some 66 fish things may come out) Once you do that stand in the spot where all 5 make a small circle, so the center, and you'll get the complete message._

34) Go back to Nickwinkle and turn in "Gauging the Resonant Frequency"

35) Go to Rally and have him send you to Razaan's Landing_

36) Now you are in front of the landing, go into it and lay light traps down when you see the pink orbs to capture them for "Trapping the Light Fantastic" and kill the flesh beasts for "More than a Pound of Flesh" note that if you lay the traps near the pink electric circles on the poles, you can keep grabbing the orbs in a row

37) Go back to town and at Toshley turn in "Trapping the Light Fantastic" accept "Show Them Gnome Mercy!" then at Dizzy Dina turn in "More than a Pound of Flesh"

38) Go to Tally and turn in "Test Flight: Razaan's Landing" then go to Rally and have him send you back to the landing_

39) Go into Razaan's again and kill about 4 of the Razaani by the portal in the center of the village at 66,44 and Nexus-Prince Razaan will appear. Kill him and loot the box that falls for "Show Them Gnome Mercy!"

40) Go back to Toshley's to Toshley and turn it in and he'll give you a thanks and a power converter that you should hold onto.

41) Fly to Sylvanaar

42) Go to the building south of the Inn and at Skyshadow turn in "The Den Mother" then further down the hill at Rina turn in "Marauding Wolves" accept "Protecting Our Own"_

43) Go south out of town and look for grove seedlings on the ground and click them to grow defenders for "Protecting Our Own"

44) Go back and turn it in and accept "A Dire Situation"_

45) Go south again into the bloodmaul ravine and use the powder on the bloodmaul wolves for "A Dire Situation" they turn small and friendly when you do this

46) Follow the road north until you reach Bladespire Hold

47) At 43,51 you'll see Vuuleen in a cage, accept "The Trappings of a Vindicator"

48) Kill the ogres here for "The Bladespire Ogres" don't forget to put down a keg to get the first 5 drunk for "Getting the Bladespire Tanked" when you lay it, they run at it and get drunk, then you can kill them

49) Droggam is in the building at 39,53 and has 4 guards, 2 elite 2 non-elite. Pull the non-elites, then lay a mug of the brew that you were told to save in the doorway, on the green part, make sure you don't do it too far, and he'll come out without the 2 elites since they're sober guards they don't drink. This is for "The Trappings of a Vindicator" If you run out of the beers, remember your keg has some charges in it

50) At the hut at 42,57 is Mugdorg for the 2nd part of "The Trappings of a Vindicator" same thing as the last boss, pull the non-elites, pull boss with a beer

51) Go back to Vuuleen at 44,51 and turn in "The Trappings of a Vindicator" accept "Gorr'Dim, Your Time Has Come..."

52) Go west to the big hut at 40,49 and you'll see Gorr'Dim now same as before, pull the 2 non elites, use brew to pull the boss then go back to Vuuleen and turn it in and SKIP "Planting the Banner"_

53) Hearth to Sylvanaar

54) Go straight across from the Inn to Borgrim and turn in "Getting the Bladespire Tanked"

55) Exit and go left to Skyshadow and turn in "The Bladespire Ogres" then down over the edge to Rina Moonspring, turn in "A Dire Situation"

56) Fly to Toshley's and go to Tally and accept "Test Flight: Ruuan Weald" then speak to Rally then use the spinning nether-weather vane while you're flying through the air to be a super ninja =D

57) As soon as you land in Evergrove grab the FP. If you forget to use the weather vane, fly back and do it again

58) Near the moonwell talk to Tree Warden Chawn and accept "A Time For Negotiation..." then to Timeon and accept "Creating the Pendant"

59) Go south to O'Mally Zapnabber and turn in "Test Flight: Ruuan Weald"

60) Go north to the Dryad Faradrella and accept "Culling the Wild" then west to the 2 npcs, and accept "A Date with Dorgok" and "Crush the Bloodmaul Camp!" then go more west to the treant Mosswood and accept "Little Embers" and "From the Ashes"

61) You should be 70-75% to 67 now

62) While out here keep an eye out for Overseer Nuaar, he's a yellow named Draenei. Talk to him for "A Time for Negotiation..." you should find him while out here, he walks around the camps here

63) Go NE to Veil Ruuan and kill the arakkoa for Ruuan'ok Claws, once you have 6 go to the green summoning circle surrounded by water and basalisks at 64,33 and use the claws to summon the harbinger of the raven and kill him for "Creating the Pendant"

64) Go south then east up the path from town, then go north once you are up top and kill the fel corrupters, the mages that walk in pairs they should drop a damaged mask item which starts "Damaged Mask" kill them until it drops for you, they're very easy to kill, the daggermaw are raptors, and the scalewings are serpents for "Culling the Wild"

65) Go up to Skald (this is a tough area so get in and out unless you have good fire resist) at 70,23 and kill the imps for "Little Embers" also look for mounds of fertile volcanic soil for "From the Ashes" and plant a seed in it. If it was used it will look like trees out here so you can spot it. The southern soil is at 71,22 the central soil is at 71,20 and the northern just ahead at 71,18

66) Go back to Evergrove

67) Go to O'Mally Zapnabber and turn in "Damaged Mask" accept "Mystery Mask" then hand it in to Antelarion the old dryad who circles town and accept "Felsworn Gas Mask"

68) Go to the center moonwell to the Tree Warden and turn in "A Time for Negotiation..." accept "...and A Time For Action" then beside him accept "Poaching from Poachers" then go to Timeon and turn in "Creating the Pendant" accept "Whispers of the Raven God"

69) Go to the dryad and turn in "Culling the Wild" then west to Mosswood the treant and turn in "Little Embers" and "From the Ashes"

70) You probably have hit honored with the Cenarion Expedition by now too_

71) Go back up the east ramp to Forge Camp: Anger at 73,41 and put on the gas mask and you'll see the communicator right near the front. Touch it and turn in "Felsworn Gas Mask" accept "Deceive thy



72) Now kill 4 attendants and engineers and turn it back in SKIP "You're Fired!" unless there are people around to help you

73) You should now be 67 or very close to it. You can destroy the mask you're wearing now and the mystery mask

74) Go back down to Evergrove and north and west of kill poachers for nets for "Poaching from Poachers" and kill hewers for "...and a Time for Action" you should get a meeting note to drop which starts "Did You Get The Note?"

75) Follow the road north that will wind down right into Bloodmaul camp at 57,27 and start killing the ogres for "Crush the Bloodmaul Camp!" and kill Dorgok up top of the tower at 55,24 for "A Date with Dorgok"

76) Dorgok should also drop Gorgrom's Favor which starts "Favor of the Gronn"_

77) Either run back to Evergrove or hearth to Sylvanaar and fly to Evergrove

78) When you enter go to Stonewall and turn in "A Date with Dorgok" and "Favor of the Gronn" accept "Pay the Baron A Visit" then next to him turn in "Crush the Bloodmaul Camp!"

79) By the moonwell talk to the Tree Warden and turn in "...and a Time for Action" and "Did You Get The Note?" accept "Wyrmskull Watcher" then to Samia turn in "Poaching from Poachers" accept "Whelps of the Wyrmcult"

80) You should definitely be 67 by now and at least 5-10% into it

Blades Edge Mountain 67-68

Go SW out of town and follow the path, Note Grulloc is to your left for later, down and west to the Circle of Blood at 53,41 on the west side of it, talk to Baron Sablemane and turn in "Pay the Baron a Visit" accept "Into the Churning Gulch"

Go SW just a little bit to 48,43 and start killing the crust busters for "Into the Churning Gulch" this can be found off the young and greater ones. Once finished turn it back in at the circle of blood then accept "Goodnight, Gronn"

Go back east to 59,47 and you'll see Grulloc guarding a bag. Use the sleeping powder on him and grab the sack. It has 3 charges and he wakes up when you take the bag so use it again and run because he hurts. 2-3 hits and you're dead 84) Now go back to the Baron and turn it in, accept "It's A Trap!"_

Go back to Evergrove to Commander Stonewall at the north part of town and turn it in, accept "Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater" then beside him accept "Slaughter at Boulder'Mok"

Head west over the Wyrmskull Bridge and on the other side you'll see Watcher Moonshade, turn in "Wyrmskull Watcher" accept "Longtail is the Lynchpin"

87) Now go through the cave and look for Draaca Longtail and kill him, then return to Watcher Moonshade and turn it in and accept "Meeting at the Blackwing Coven"

88) As you exit the cave follow the road through the Grishnath Camp while grinding on them

89) You need to make sure you get the buff understanding ravenspeech from killing them. You only get it if you land the killing blow but it appears to only come from the ones that have the pet bird and you have to be up close to get the buff when they die. Go up the tree at 40,17 and grab the first totem for "Whispers of the Raven God" the 2nd totem is across the road at the other bridge. The third is on the ground by the basilisk lake just below the 2nd totem entrance ramp. (easy having 3 so close) The fourth totem is far away near the entrance on the ground between the big and small hut at 40,23 and will also give you the pendant. If you didn't get the pendant then you probably grabbed the totems out of order

90) You should have also found at least one Orb of Grishna which starts "The Truth Unorbed"

91) Go west to Boulder'mok and start killing the ogres for "Slaughter at Boulder'mok" which will also give you grisly totems for "Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater" you only need 3 then go to Gorgrom's Altar at 30,22 and click it to set the trap. A 70 elite Gronn will come out and die on the trap, then lay the 3

92) Go south to Blackwing Coven, this place sucks it's pretty tough, at 31,32 and kill the wyrmcults for 5 costume scraps for "Meeting at the Blackwing Coven" beware when they're low on life, they may try to cast some type of black blessing which turns them into a dragonkin with about 50% life and they start fireballing and doing fire nova.

93) Go in the cave and use the blackwhelp net on the dragon whelps in here for "Whelps of the Wyrmcult" you can get right next to eggs and they will hatch one for you to capture

94) Head to the back of the cave, put on the costume, and talk to Kolphis Darkscale for "Meeting at the Blackwing Coven"_

95) Hearth To Sylvanaar then fly to Evergrove

96) As you land talk to Samia and turn in "Whelps of the Wyrmcult" then next to her turn in "Meeting at the Blackwing Coven" accept "Maxnar Must Die!" and turn in "The Truth Unorbed" accept "Treebole Must Know"

97) Go Timeon on the other side of the moonwell and turn in "Whispers of the Raven God"

98) Go north to Stonewall and turn in "Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater" accept "Baron Sablemane Has Requested Your Presence" then beside him turn in "Slaughter at Boulder'mok"

99) You should be roughly 30% through 67_

100) Run back across wyrmskull bridge and through the tunnel then as you exit the tunnel go left up the path into Raven's Wood and you'll find Treebole at 37,22 turn in "Treebole Must Know" accept "Exorcising the Trees"

101) Go up into the Grishnath camp in the trees and collect 5 Grishnath Orbs and then go south around the leafbeards and kill the dire ravens for 5 pinfeathers and then combine them into exorcism feathers. Now attack a raven's wood leafbeard and use an exorcism feather on it to summon a Koi-Koi Spirit and kill it to exorcise the leafbeard. Take note that both the leafbeard and spirit will attack you until the spirit is dead. Once you are finished turn it back in to Treebole

102) Go SW and enter Blackwing Coven again at 32,33 and go like last time but past the guy you talked to and around to Maxnar the Ashmaw. Kill him for "Maxnar Must Die!" then die on purpose so you end up at Sylvanaar or hearth if it's up_

103 )_Go back to Evergrove and at the Tree Warden turn in "Maxnar Must Die!"_

104) Go down to the circle of blood again at 53,41 and turn in "Baron Sablemane Has Requested Your Presence" then SKIP "Massacre at Gruul's Lair" unless you get some friends. Going to the Baron was just for a tiny bit of free xp

105) Go back up to Evergrove and take the path east up top, then go north and follow the path until it takes you to Netherstorm

Netherstorm 67-68

Not much to show you on the map of this zone because a lot of stuff is marked already

1) As you cross the first bridge, Gyro-Plank Bridge, you'll see Netherologist Coppernickels accept "Off To Area 52"

2) At the fork make a left into the Ruins of Enkaar and outside you'll see Alley, accept "Recharging the Batteries"

3) Go north to the edge of the spot you're in and take phase hunters down to about 25% life, it will say the hunter is very weak, and use the battery recharging blaster on them, then finish killing them for "Recharging the Batteries" then go back to Alley and turn it in

4) Go back and follow the road over the wierd wooden steps into Area 52 at 32,62_

5) Just as you come up to Area 52, go on the left side and grab the FP

6) When you enter on your right is Boots, accept "Securing the Shaleskin Shale" there is a quest turnin where he becomes untalkable because he blows himself up. If this happens just wait

7) Straight-ahead is Fuselage, turn in "Off To Area 52" accept "You're Hired!"

8) SKIP the 2 elite wanted quests on the poster

9) Go in the Inn and make it your home Aldor

10) From Exarch Orelis accept "Distraction at Manaforge B'naar" Scryers

11) From Spymaster Thalodien accept "Manaforge B'naar" Aldor & Scryers

12) Exit the Inn and cross the bridge, on your right speak with Ravandwyr and accept "The Archmage's Staff"

13) Exit to the north and while you're out here kill the shaleskin flayers for "Securing the Shaleskin Shale" it's a low droprate but there are a lot out here

14) Go north to the just outside the west of the Ruins, where you went when you first came in to this zone, at 31,56 is Maxx A. Million Mk. V accept "Mark V is Alive!" and escort him through the Ruins. This says it's a 2 person quest but I can't see why again as with others. Maybe it's possible to get overwhelmed with mobs but nothing spawns on you. While in here grab the Etherlithium Matrix Crystals for "You're Hired!" then when you're done with the escort, turn it in to Alley. If you didn't get all the crystals then go back and get what you need.

15) Go back to Area 52 and as you enter talk to Boots and turn in "Securing the Shaleskin Shale" (you should be done, if not just turn in next time you're in town) accept "That Little Extra Kick"

16) Go to the center of town near the rocket to Fuselage and turn in "You're Hired!" accept "Invaluable Asset Zapping" and "Report to Engineering" now run across the bridge to Trep and turn it in and accept "Essence For the Engines"

17) Go back north again and start killing Mana Wraiths for "Essence For the Engines", they're around the glowing trenches, as well as Nether Rays for "That Little Extra Kick" they're around the rocks near the shaleskin flayers. Don't forget anymore shaleskin flayers if you still need them_

18) Go back to Area 52 again to Boots and turn in "That Little Extra Kick" then watch him blow himself up if you want

19) Go south to Trep and turn in "Essence for the Engines" accept "Elemental Power Extraction"_


20) Go west out of town and SW to Manaforge B'naar and kill the Magisters and Bloodwarders for "Distraction at Manaforge B'naar"


21) Go west out of town and SW to Manaforge B'naar and right as you get near you should see a small camp with Captain Arathyn riding around on his mount. Kill him for the roster for "Manaforge B'naar"

Aldor & Scryers

22) Go SE to the crumbling waste along the edge of the map around 32,78 and look for Sundered rumblers and warp aberrations and use the elemental power extractor on them. They'll get a blue dust glow on them and when you kill them they drop Elemental Powers for "Elemental Power Extraction"

23) Go NE and enter Arklon Ruins at 37,71 then inside here, around the circle, are the 4 pieces for "Invaluable Asset Zapping" and they're really close so I really don't need to explain this one

24) Go to the center of town to the broken fountain and use the conjuring powder to summon Ekkorash the Inquisitor for "The Archmage's Staff"

25) Go back to Area 52 and outside of town in the trench at 34,68 at Blastfizzle turn in "Invaluable Asset Zapping" accept "Dr. Boom!"

26) Go in town to Trep and turn in "Elemental Power Extraction" then go west to Ravandwyr and turn in "The Archmage's Staff" accept "Rebuilding the Staff"


27) Go in the Inn to Exarch Orelis and turn in "Distraction at Manaforge B'naar" accept "Measuring Warp Energies" then at Karja beside him, accept "Assisting the Consortium" and "Naaru Technology"


28) Go in the Inn to Spymaster Thalodien and turn in "Manaforge B'naar" and accept "High Value Targets" and "Assisting the Consortium"

29) Beside him from Magistrix Larynna accept "Bloodgem Crystals"

Aldor & Scryers

30) Just outside the Inn is Khay'ji turn in "Assisting the Consortium" accept "Consortium Crystal Collection"_

31) Go just NE of town to the Camp of Boom at 34,60 now the trick here is that the bombs only go out so far. When you see a clear path get close to him and throw a bomb. Rinse and repeat until dead for "Dr. Boom!" don't let any bombs hit you because they hurt

32) Go back north to the ruins of Enkaat and kill the draenei for "Rebuilding the Staff"_

33) Go back to Area 52 to the south and talk to Ravandwyr and turn in "Rebuilding the Staff" accept "Curse of the Violet Tower"

34) Go just outside of town in the trench again to Blastfizzle and turn in "Dr. Boom!"

35) You should be roughly 75% to 68 now


36) Go SW to Manaforge B'naar and use your warp-attuned orb to measure the energy where the pipes go into the ground for "Measuring Warp Energies" at the following locations and in this order: North 25,59, West 20,67, South 20,71, now after you grab the south one, go inside the building and you'll see the control console, turn in "Naaru Technology" accept "B'naar Console Transcription" then exit and grab the last measurement East at 28,72


37) Go SW to the west side of Manaforge B'naar and kill sunfury magisters until you get a bloodgem shard and then use the shard while standing next to the big floating crystals for"Bloodgem Crystals"

38) Also kill warp-masters and geologists outside, can be inside too, and warp-engineers inside for "High Value Targets"

Aldor & Scryers

39) Go east now to 41,73 which is the east entrance to the Arklon Ruins and as you enter turn right and kill pentatharon for "Consortium Crystal Collection"

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