Wow Mining Trainer Stormwind

Some Tips For Everyone

1) First I would really like to thank Joana/Mancow for making the horde guide that was similar to this one. He inspired me to write this. He has a great guide and I wanted to make one like it for alliance.

2) Some abbreviations you might see throughout this guide are as follows: GY= Graveyard Darn= Darnassus SW= Stormwind IF= Ironforge FP= Flight Point. Directions such as NW NE SW SE

are usually obvious in their wording but of course mean northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast

3) I suggest you use some type of mods if you don't already. They greatly help with everyday things. Here is what I suggest you get:

4) CT Raid Lot of nifty options in and out of raids also shows coordinates on the map

5) Scrolling Combat Text (shows any combat stuff you want around your body like FF) better than the built in one.

6) Other Ace Mods this puts a nice bar atop your screen that shows anything you set it to. There is a list of many addons for fubar here. Very helpful w/ cords

7) Fubar this is just like titan bar but somewhat better. The quest addon will show if the mob you're pointing at is part of a quest, like if you need 10 rats, it will say the quest name and 0/10 rats

_needed. This is by far the most helpful thing when speed running._

8) Whenever you see something on the guide surrounded by a box like this, it represents being in a town. Not all little encampments like Chillwind Camp in WPL are considered a town even though it has

_a flight point. I usually tried to make sure it had an Inn and a FP_

9) Since you're probably going to do this on a new server, a smart idea is to pick up skinning and mining because you won't have a main to cheese money off of. But at least skinning. You can start making pretty good money for just killing stuff. Mining can be kind of hard to use with hunters because you can't look for mines and track at the same time.

10) Whenever you hit 15/25/35/45 etc, get the newest water and food you can have. It will greatly help downtime.

11) Whenever you hit 10/25/40 etc upgrade your ammo for the best damage you can do. At 52 something you can get thorium ammo, but it's crafted so could be hard to get especially on a new server when you're ahead of everyone

12) Before I go out hunting or questing, especially in spots I can't buy the highest-level ammo or food/water, I always make sure I have about 60 food/water and a full bag of ammo. This way you can hunt for hours before you have to go out of your way to restock

13) The more you level up to 60 the better, and faster you become with our without using this guide. Just like anything else in life.

14) It's extremely important that you know what you're going to do next. If you don't you could forget something and run half way across the map and then have to run back. It's also important if you have 2 quests to do in the same spot or near the same spot, to do them at that time because it can be easy to forget.

15) Always have an alt for your character that you're leveling to sell stuff in the Auction House. This saves tons of time, especially if you're no where near an AH. Constantly send your skins, bars, and anything else you want to sell to the AH alt. You can also send stuff that you want to keep but can't use till later. Send it to the alt, then just hit return and let it sit in your mailbox till you need to use it. This won't work for some people because they can't stand seeing that mail icon.

16) If you ever find yourself running from any monsters, strafe left and right fast. The monster follows the same path you do so when you turn or go left, it does too. This really slows them down and will almost always allow you to get away. This is also how you train mobs because they can't keep up with you unless they're really fast.

17) I personally loot every mob from about 20-25 on up. The reason being is you'll never know if a blue or purple item drops. I found quite a few blue items that went for 50g and up. I had almost 300g after I bought my mount. That's almost half way to your epic mount by the time you got your first one. Between drops and skins etc you can easily have 500g by the time you hit 60. Most drops are luck and just vary. Mobs loot is determined when they spawn not when they're killed

17) I use hearthstones and dying so I resurrect at the GY near town through out the game. This saves a lot of time and can help you get a better total time. If your hearth isn't up, logging out will still count it down and not waste your /played

18) I don't do instances while I level up except Uldaman. The reason being is it really slows leveling down to do every single one, even if you get a killer group. You can do them if it's your first time playing or if you want a specific reward. Instances do give good gear but gear really makes no difference until you hit 60 and start really tweaking. If you know you got a good group then do them. But if you don't blow through it in 1 time it can greatly hurt your final /played so make sure no one is a noob. Plus on new servers you'll be far ahead and can't do most of them if you speed run.

19) The most annoying mobs are ones that can heal. If you see a mob starting to heal, then use a stun _type move to stop it if your class has one._

20) If you play on a PVP server it will slow you down some. I always have played on PVP servers and it is unstoppable that you are going to get ganked at any level by anyone from your level on up to 60. Once you are 48 you're free honor to a 60. PVE realms will help you get the fastest /played and avoid being ganked and corpse camped

21) People ask why I chose a Night Elf rather than another race, I don't like Gnomes, humans are ok, Dwarves are close to gnomes but look better. But truly I love NE because they look the best IMO. Plus NE rogues have an extra level of stealth because of meld, and hunters can meld and their pet can prowl so you can both be hidden from mobs or other players. I think being able to hide is the best racial

22) Just because your inventory is full doesn't mean you have to go back to town. Destroy low, useless items to make room. This Is where lootlink helps out so you can see what an item is worth to a vendor and destroy useless items.

23) NOTE: Don't abandon quests anymore if it's a grab x item quest because they will vanish upon abandoning the quest.

24) When it comes to mid to high levels, stick with one weapon type, or 2 if you dual wield different types. This only really applies melee. The reason being is it's tough to level up melee skills vs highlevel mobs. Ranged for a hunter is not the same since it levels much faster. You can still try and use any weapon but it could slow down your time. If you do decide to use a new weapon type, using special skills will make it level up faster.

25) In your video options, lower your ui scale to fit your needs. This makes it look better and can help you out.

26) Some stuff may be harder for non-hunters to solo. If you don't start at level 1 or around 15 you may wonder why you have to grind a lot, you just missed stuff I did or you could have done quests that I didn't do yet and vice versa.

27) Make sure you hotkey your spells. This is extremely helpful. Before I did this, my rogue would die more because I couldn't click vanish or evade in time.

More tips will be added if I ever get new ones but these are the ones you need to know if you don't already.

1-12 Azuremyst Isle (Draenei Start)

1) If you bought the original Collector Edition open the package in your bag to start "Welcome!"

2) Just in front of where you start, accept "You Survived!" then go straight ahead to the crash site building and turn it in then accept "Replenishing the Healing Crystals"_

3) Go inside the ship and turn in

"Welcome!" and pick your pet then go back outside and turn left to the tent of npc's, accept "Volatile Mutations"_

4) Go north of here and start killing vale moth's for their blood and volatile mutations, you should hit 2 killing out here, then go back south to the tent outside the crash site and turn in "Volatile Mutations" accept "What Must Be Done..." then beside her accept "Botanical Legwork" then go back to the entrance of the ship and turn in "Replenishing the Healing Crystals" accept "Urgent Delivery!"

5) Go into the ship and in the big room turn in "Urgent Delivery!" accept "Rescue the Survivors!" then run over to your trainer, shaman in this guide, and train then complete "Shaman Training" (it wasn't a picked up quest, just gave you xp.

6) Continue out of the south exit of the ship and accept "Spare Parts" and "Inoculation"

7) Go east and look for a draenei survivor, they're green named and laying on the ground. Use your Draenei racial, Gift of the Naaru, to heal them, then go south to Ammen Fields, the purple ground area and is also purple on your map, and start killing mutated root lashers for samples. Keep an eye out for corrupted flowers as well for "Botanical Legwork" should hit 3 while killing these.

8) Once done, go back east to the tent outside the crash site and turn in "Botanical Legwork" and "What Must Be Done..." Accept "Healing the Lake"_

9) Go inside the ship and turn in "Rescue the Survivors!" you should be really close to 4 now. This is cool because you get a quick starting bag even though it's 4 slots.. I found a 6 slot before I even got here, they seem to have upped the drop on those for the noob areas.

10) Go south into Silverline Lake at 77,58 and touch the huge crystal for "Disperse the Neutralizing Agent" once that's done go east to the Nestlewood Thicket. Hot key your Inoculating crystal and use it on the yellow named moonkin for "Inoculation" while also looking for emitter spare parts for "Spare Parts" make sure you level to 4 by killing a few of the mobs here. (I found it easier if, at the cave entrance, you go left up the path. You can find the spare parts all in a bunch here because no one here.)

11) Hearth to the crash site and you'll go to where you started

12) Go towards the crash site and turn right and go towards the tent, turn in "Healing the Lake" then go inside and get training and start your first totem quest "Call of Earth"

13) Go south out of the ship and turn in "Spare Parts" and "Inoculation" accept "The Missing Scout"

14) Go NW to 71,40 it is the segmented dots on the map, to the rock elemental and turn in "Call of Earth" accept "Call of Earth" then go up the path and kill 4 rock elementals here, the other elementals will help you. Once done go turn it in and accept "Call of Earth"_

15) Go back to the crash site and turn in "Call of Earth" you should now be level 5 and can use earth totems. You have to keep the quest reward totems with you at all times or you can't cast those types of totems._

16) Go south to 72,60, above the camp on the map SW. You'll see Tolaan, turn in "The Missing Scout" accept "The Blood Elves" then go behind him and kill the elves. Once done go turn it in and accept "Blood Elf Spy" then go back into the elf area, and in the back up top is Surveyor Candress, kill her and make sure you loot the blood elf plans off her. Use them to start "Blood Elf Plans"_

17) Go back north to the crash site, at the south entrance turn in "Blood Elf Spy" and "Blood Elf Plans" accept "The Emitter" then turn it in next to him, accept "Travel to Azure Watch"

18) You should be about 75% to 6

19) Run west to 66,53 the serrated dots on the map and go into the bigger zone

20) Up the path some you'll see a sitting draenei named Aeun, accept "Word from Azure Watch" then continue west across the river and you'll see the fishing trainer, accept "Red Snapper - Very Tasty!"_

Hauteur Ashes Thottbot

21) Walk up to the red snapper schools north and south in the river here and use the net on them. An angry murloc may appear. Kill him and he'll drop a fish otherwise you'll get one from the school. Once done turn it back in and get fishing pole if you want to fish. Accept "Find Acteon!" and should be 6 now.

21) Walk up to the red snapper schools north and south in the river here and use the net on them. An angry murloc may appear. Kill him and he'll drop a fish otherwise you'll get one from the school. Once done turn it back in and get fishing pole if you want to fish. Accept "Find Acteon!" and should be 6 now.

22) Continue west along the road until you reach Azure Watch at 49,51

23) As soon as you enter town turn in "Find Acteon!" the hunter trainer accept "The Great Moongraze Hunt"

24) Go ahead and talk to the first aid trainer, learn first aid and accept "Medicinal Purpose"

25) Go north outside the Inn and turn in "Travel to Azure Watch" then go in the Inn, turn in "Word from Azure Watch" and make Azure Watch your home_

26) Go south of town and follow the road south to Odesyus' Landing at 46,69 and accept "Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo" and "A Small Start"

27) Go to the beach south of you and kill crawlers here and to the east while heading towards Geezle's Camp at 59,68 and look for the map and compass at the little camps here

28) Once you're done go back to Odesyus' Landing at 47,70 and turn in "A Small Start" accept "" then talk to Cookie and turn in "Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo" and you should be 7 now if you weren't already

29) You should be able to accept 2 new quests now, "Reclaiming the Ruins" from the priestess and "Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling" from the Archaeologist

30) Go north of here and stay east of the road, kill the stags for meat, it's almost a 100% drop, for "The Great Moongraze Hunt" and the root trappers for their vines, which is about 50% drop for "Medicinal Purpose". You need to grab a hollowed out tree around the loggers at 48,62 and the leaves are all around, grab those while hunting the lashers and elks for "I've Got A Plant"_

31) Once you're all done, go to Azure Watch and turn in "Medicinal Purpose" then beside her accept "An Alternative Alternative" then go to the hunter trainer and turn in "The Great Moongraze Hunt" accept

"The Great Moongraze Hunt"

32) Keep an eye out for Azure Snapdragons for "An Alternative Alternative". They spawn at the base of trees, but as the quest log says, the root trappers eat them. (not on map due to wide range)

33) Follow the road south then take the fork SW. You should pass by some infected nightstalker runts, kill them until they drop a faintly glowing crystal which starts "Strange Findings" Keep going on the road to Wrathscale Point at 32,75 and start killing the naga for "Reclaiming the Ruins" and the ancient relics for "Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling" The naga should drop a rune covered tablet which starts "Rune Covered Tablet" you could also do both of these in the cave at 27,76 but it's probably easier outside so you don't have to backtrack

34) Go back east to the landing, turn in "I've Got A Plant" you should get honored with exodar now, accept "Tree's Company" then turn in "Rune Covered Tablet" watch the cutscene then accept "Warlord Sriss'tiz" then turn in "Reclaiming the Ruins" and you should be level 8 now. Turn in "Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling" to the archaeologist_

Go back north to Azure Watch and accept "The Missing Fisherman" from the mining trainer in the center of town, and accept "Learning the Language" on the other side. Read the book in your inventory then touch the totem to complete it and accept "Totem of Coo" On the west side of town, turn in "Strange Findings" accept "Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2..." Don't forget to train

38) Go north of the watch and kill moongraze bucks for "The Great Moongraze Hunt" while you're out look for the snapdragons, I found a lot more up here, a lot were at 57,44 You don't need to get all the bucks right now but the snapdragons are more abundant up here.

39) Head to 55,41 once that's done and turn in "Totem of Coo" accept "Totem of Tikti" and you will then get some wings and he'll point NE, jump off and run over the water to 64,39 and turn in "Totem of Tikti" accept "Totem of Yor"

40) You are now imbued with water speed and breathing, follow the river south to 63,67 in the bottom of the river. Turn in "Totem of Yor" accept "Totem of Vark" and you are then given cat form, follow the npc to the totem of Vark and turn it in, accept "The Prophecy of Akida"

41) Start killing all the Bristlelimb here for their keys and free the 8 prisoners, the keys are about a 50% drop rate. Once you free them all, go east/SE and start killing any moongraze bucks you need and infected nightstalker runts for "Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2..."

42) Go south to the cave, Tides' Hollow, at 26,77 once you're in you'll see a hole, and in it you'll see a ring of candles. Fall down there and you should see Sriss'tiz ahead. He's 10 but fairly easy

43) Go to the island in the far SW corner of the map, on the east side of it at 18,83 and you'll see the flag for "Tree's Company" use your disguise kit and turn into a tree and watch the conversation.

44) Go south to the dock at 29,33 and turn in "The Missing Fisherman" accept "All That Remains" then go north and just kill an owlbeast or 2 until you get the family remains then turn it back in._

45) Hearth back to Azure Watch

46) Go out to the alchemist and turn in

"An Alternative Alternative" then near the center of town turn in

"The Prophecy of Akida" accept "Stillpine Hold" 47) Go to the hunter trainer and turn in "The Great Moongraze Hunt"

48) Go south to the landing and turn in "Tree's Company" accept "Show Gnomercy" then turn in "Warlord Sriss'tiz"

49) Somewhere around the southern and eastern side of the landing you'll see a wandering gnome, you probably seen him earlier, talk to him and he'll attack you. Kill him and loot the note then go back and turn it in and accept "Deliver Them From Evil..."_

50) Go back up to the Watch and on the west side of town turn in "Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2..." and "Deliver Them From Evil..." you should now be level 10.

51) Accept "Coming of Age" then go to the shaman trainer and train (all non shamans do your level 10 quest) shamans accept "Call of Fire" your fire totem quest

52) Follow the road west until you hit Exodar.

53) Once in Exodar, turn right and you'll see the Elekk breeder, turn in "Coming of Age" accept "Elekks Are Serious Business"_

54) Go NE to 44,23 the Stillpine Hold and grab skinning if you want then accept "Beasts of the Apocalypse!" and "Murlocs... Why Here? Why Now?" then go a bit NE to the chief and turn in "Stillpine Hold"

55) Go NE, to around 53,21 and kill ravagers for their hides. Once done go further NE to Temper at 59,18 and turn in "Call of Fire" accept "Call of Fire" this is all the start of a big run around, horde fire quest was much faster.

56) Go back west to Stillpine Hold and turn in "Beasts of the Apocalypse!" then stop by the chief and accept "Chieftain Oomooroo" and "Search Stillpine Hold" then run up into the cave and start killing the crazed wildkin until you get the ritual torch and kill Oomooroo. Once you get that all done, go to the back of the cave, past the 2 headed dog and you'll see the red crystal for "Search Stillpine Hold" click on it to turn it in and accept "Blood Crystals" be careful as soon as you accept it, 2 owlkin spawn

57) Go back outside to the chief and turn in, "Blood Crystals" then "Chieftain Oomooroo" to the right

58) The revelator will give you "The Kurken is Lurkin'" then go back in the cave, kill the kurken and turn it back in. Accept "The Kurken's Hide" and take it to the leatherworker for a nice chestpiece

59) Go back NE to Temper at 59,18 and turn in "Call of Fire" accept "Call of Fire"

60) Go west now to the shore at 34,18 and look for the grain bags at the huts for "Murlocs... Why Here? Why Now?" they can also drop them. As the quest log says, look for a special murloc, he's named Murgurgula he'll drop "Gurf's Dignity"

61) Go back east to the hold and go to Gurf, turn in "Murlocs... Why Here? Why Now?" and "Gurf's Dignity"

62) You should now be 12 or close to it

63) Go north now, around the mountain and enter Bloodmyst Isle

64) Go to Kessel's Crossing straight ahead, accept "A Favorite Treat" then go up and turn in "Elekks Are Serious Business" accept "Alien Predators" then accept "The Kessel Run" you have 15 minutes to use the mount.

65) Go to High Chief Stillpine at 46,20 and accept "Warn Your People" this warns them. Then follow the road south to Azure Watch at 47,50 and turn in "Warn Your People" this warns them. Train then go south again to the landing at 46,70 and warn Odesyus. Head back to Bloodmyst Isle and turn it in, accept "Declaration of Power"

66) Now if you did it fast you should have 6 minutes left to ride this. Ride all the way SW on Azuremyst Isle

67) At 11,82 you'll see a Wickerman Effigy, click on it to summon Hauteur and grab his ashes for "Call of Fire" he's pretty easy just don't use flame shock on him. Now use the orb of returning to get back to Temper and turn it in. Accept "Call of Fire" then hearth to Azure Watch

68) Go to the Shaman Trainer and turn in "Call of Fire" accept "Call of Fire" and head west to Exodar and go to the vault of lights at 32,54 and turn it in. Accept "Call of Fire" and go north into the crystal hall at 31,27 (it's up top) turn it in and get your fire totem._

69) At this point you have 2 options depending on your class. Shamans need to keep following for further totem quests. All non shamans can either continue on to 18 (which I recommend) and then go darkshore and go from there, or you can leave right now and take the boat south of Exodar at 21,54

70) Go north back into Bloodmyst Isle

12-20 Bloodmyst Isle

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