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The Ayurveda Experience

The Ayurveda Experience is a three-step process to becoming more calm, healthy, and happy with a carefully researched 3-step process described in this eBook guide. You will identify your unique personality type and all of the problems and struggles that your personality type faces, and way to live your life so that you will become more satisfied and happier. Most of your problems in life stem from the fact that people do not realize that you are different from them. Since everyone is unique, everyone needs special treatment for their individual problems. There is no such thing as a one size fits all treatment plan for depression or weight or anything else. The Ayurveda Experience takes ancient Indian religion and medicine into account, and your unique person to come up with the perfect plan for you to become as healthy as you could possibly be. Learn your personality and what makes you tick, and then follow the plan to become the best person that you can be, treated the way that you were intended to be treated!

The Ayurveda Experience Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Lissa Coffey
Official Website: www.theayurvedaexperience.com
Price: $97.00


Herbalism is the art of picking flowers and herbs in the wilds. There are a large number of different kinds of herbs and some of the harder to find plants will go for dozens of gold pieces each. Many herbs have a preferred environment which allows you to search for specific herbs in an area. To get started picking herbs, all you need to do is visit an herbalism trainer and buy the skill. You'll then be given access to the Find Herbs skill which you can use to spot herbs on the mini-map.

Herbalism Basics

Herbalism is another gathering profession that can yield quite a bit of cash if you are willing to put the time into farming. It's not much and you can do it as you adventure. The benefits are that herbs are abundant and they respawn quickly. As mentioned in the Mining section, Curse's Gatherer UI is extremely helpful, as is http www.thottbot.com Like mining you can search for an herb and pull up zone maps for where to find the deposits. Gatherer will then record them in your world map so you don't have to shift between http www.thottbot.com and Warcraft. Like mining you can put a +5 modifier enchantment on your gloves to increase your Herbalism skill.

Gathering Professions

Perhaps the simplest method of farming gold is to use both your professions early in the game for gathering professions, such as Mining, Herbalism and Skinning. The time to gather is only seconds away from your normal XP grind and after smelting the ore into bars, stacking your leather and herbs, you can sell them in the Auction houses of Ironforge or Ogrimmar for some decent cash. Alchemy and Mining seem to sell better in the early game, but ultimately the choice is at your discretion, so we'll put together some numbers in order to help you make a more informed decision. Also, you'll want to download and install some Custom Tradeskill UI's Curse's Gatherer UI is an excellent choice for Miners and Herbalists. This UI automatically logs any ore herb deposits you come across while adventuring. The deposits are marked by green or red circles on your world mini map and if you place your cursor over a symbol, the UI will tell you what resource (Silverleaf, Copper etc) can be farmed from...

Making Money From Motes and Primals

Primals are needed by just about every profession to craft a lot of the higher end items in the game and therefore sell for a lot of Gold. To create the Primals you will need to get 10 motes of the same type. There are many ways to get these motes. First, there are 2 vendors that sell all of them as limited supply items. They are Dealer Najeeb in Netherstorm and Dealer Tariq in Terokkar Forest. They are sold for only 16 silver a piece which is definitely a steal. Another way is through Mining and Herbalism. Both of these professions are excellent ways to obtain motes while gathering ore and herbs for even more gold to sell. Another way to get motes cheap is to keep a close eye on the Auction House. I have found a ton of auctions that sell the motes a lot cheaper than the primals they make. Check your server to see what the going rate for each Primal is and then compare with the cost to purchase 10 motes. In most cases, you can find bargains on the motes and make a quick profit by...

Silithus is where I call my home

Fishing Places Silithus

Mother Smolderweb- Yes, this elite spider in LBRS can be soloed by a druid to get their Wildheart boots. You can stealth in and use a combination of bear form and hibernate to kill her. Simply pull her over to the corner behind her in bear form tank her and then when your health is low you can bash stun her and or pop out and hibernate her for as long as you like while you recover health and mana. This can be done but it takes about 15 mins. The spider also drops some other nice blues and greens.

Lchemical Concoctions

Herbalism and Alchem Because of the large amount of herbal ingredients used in the preparation of alchemical products, many journeyman alchemists are also skilled herbalists. In order to avoid dealing with exhaustive lists of ingredients for each alchemical product and a system of herbalism that accurately reflects the kinds of herbs found in various places, use the following system. For example, Cybele possesses 8 ranks of Profession (herbalist) and is creating a lesser healing draught, which costs 160 gp to buy, or 53 gp and 33 sp to create with Craft (alchemy). Because each rank of Profession (herbalist) is worth 2 gp towards the creation of expert-level alchemical concoctions, she is assumed to have herbs worth 16 gp of the total necessary. At the height of her herbalist career, with 15 ranks in Profession (herbalist), Cybele effectively has 30 gp towards the creation of that item however, because herbalism can only

Lightning Reflexes Good

5 more chance to dodge is nice, and if you focus on getting more +dodge on your gear you will find yourself nicely able to dodge-tank bosses. It is helpful in solo for extending your health, and in parties before you can Feint or when you get forced into protecting the healer. Most classes do not melee rogues in PvP, and the ones which do (paladin and warrior) have special abilities that can kill rogues quickly. I'd advise putting no more than three points into Lightning Reflexes as you will want this in tandem with Improved Sinister Strike to reach the deeper talents.


Its only purpose is to increase your health and mana regeneration, but it will not do it regularly. Every two seconds or tick you will gain a portion of your health or mana back depending on how much spirit you have. Health is 1 4 of your total spirit every two seconds. And mana is 1 5 your total mana with an extra fifteen tacked on. The tricky part is that whenever you use an ability that uses mana your mana regeneration is paused for five seconds. This is sometimes known as


The first is tradeskills, anything you can make (with the exception of tailor enchanter) should be sold. If you're going to make a character based around money, take skinning and herbalism, these two will earn you the most money in the long run through the auction houses and markets. You only have one tracking needed to be on (herbalism) and the other can be gotten off just about anything you kill.

Primal Mana

Primal Mana is another one of the more popular selling primals that currently goes for about 25 gold in the Auction House. Netherstorm is just about the only zone that you can find these. I've tried a lot of different spots in this zone and have 2 that seem to be better than the rest. The first is at Wizard's Row in Kirin'var Village where you will find Mana Seekers and Mageslayers. Both of these have a good drop rate for motes of mana and because not very many people go here, you should always be able to find plenty of these to kill. This spot is a gold mine when it comes to making Primal Manas. The other spot is the areas just north and south of Area 52 where you will find a lot Mana Wraiths and Nether Rays. You should get these motes about 1 out of every 3 kills from these guys as well. Also, if you have Herbalism as one of your professions, keep an eye out for Netherbloom which can be found a lot in these areas as well. Stacks of these will fetch you about 50 Gold each I've never...


Another way to make some good money that doesn't involve selling your enchantments is to sell your overstocked reagents at the Auction House. A lot of reagents such as Large Brilliant Shards and Arcane Crystals sell for a lot of money. On top of that, there is no listing fee for Enchanting reagents so if they don't sell, it doesn't cost you anything. As far as another profession to pick up with Enchanting, Tailoring is good because they can compliment each other with disenchanting. You can also pick up a gathering profession such as Herbalism or Skinning to help the funding. What I like to do is pick up Mining because there are various types of gems needed for Enchanting such as Arcane Crystals that you can get from the Thorium veins. This will allow you to get some of the materials yourself and therefore increase your profit margin on the enchantments you are selling. You should also disenchant anything that you don't need. This includes un-needed quest rewards, BOP items, and old...


This is probably the best crafting profession for making money because all classes can benefit from the potions that an Alchemist can create. These potions are especially helpful in the higher level areas where you are fighting the upper level elites. As an Alchemist, you may have to invest some money up front on a couple good recipes but the return on investment is amazing. You should definitely pick up Herbalism as your Gathering profession on this as it will be needed for potions that you need to make.

Wow Levelling 70-80

Wow Umbrafen Lake Investigated

5) Go south of the Refuge and kill all the mobs you see for Unidentified Plant Parts until you get all 10 for Plants of Zangarmarsh you can also harvest them with herbalism while heading you head to Umbrafen Village at 82,81 and kill the oracles (mainly in the tents) and seers for The Umbrafen Tribe you will find Kataru at the top of the big tower 85,90 on the east side of the village. At the eastern tent at the emcampment of 83,85 is Kayra Longmane, accept Escape From Umbrafen ESCORT this is really easy, you get ambushed by 2 guys 2 times, and they're just as easy as the others were._

Gathering Routes

Dire Maul (level 50+) - Farming Dire Maul east is also a decent place for gathering herbs and you don't even need Herbalism. Simply zone in to the instance on the eastern side of Dire Maul and kill the whip lashers to the left. They are pre-grouped and thus great AoE'ing with a mage or warlock. The loot tables can be found on http www.thottbot.com but the plants can drop dreamfoil, briarthorn and blindweed. Additional drops like living essence and items can result in net gain of 20-40g per hour depending on drops. of warcraft herb alchemy.txt


Skinning can be a lucrative profession as well, since like Mining and Herbalism, it takes little more than a few seconds between adventuring. Here are some stats on leather supplies and the level mobs you need to farm. Leather is in high demand because Engineers, Tailors, Blacksmiths and of course Leatherworkers need it to craft their goods.

Mana Thistle

Mana Thistle is an item that is needed by Alchemists to make a lot of the higher end potions. This herb can only be found in places that require a flying mount. Here are the best places to find Mana Thistle. In Terokkar Forest, you should first go over to the southeast corner to Skettis. Another spot in Terokkar Forest is just above the Aldor base to an area called the Barrier Hills. Over in Shadowmoon Valley, you will want to fly over to the island in the southeast corner of the zone to an area called Netherwing Ledge. In Blade's Edge Moutains, there are 2 spots where you can find Mana Thistle Pinacle Vortex to the west and Felstorm Point to the north. Lastly, in Netherstorm, head to the island in the Northwest corner of the zone called Socrethar's Seat. Here you can also find some Mana Thistle. Currently on my server, a stack of Mana Thistle sells for about 60 Gold. If you have a Flying Mount and have Herbalism as one of your professions, you should definitely check out these spots....


F ining is a gathering skill similar to herbalism. Instead of picking lira J interesting looking plants, you're mining ore out of convenient ore veins jutting out of the landscape. It's easier to find an ore vein than it is to find herbs though because you only need to check a few geographical locations for veins (where you have to look all over the place for herbs depending on the type.) Mining isn't as profitable as herbalism early on, but later on it picks up the slack with hard to find ore going for a king's ransom.

Power Word Fortitude

This is the priest's best buff spell and adds a significant amount of hit points. At level 60, it boosts stamina by 54 unbuffed, or 70 points of stamina full buffed through talents. This equates to an additional 700 hit points for everyone in your party. This should always be active wherever you go. Try to cast it before traveling to allow your health and mana to regenerate, as at level 60 it costs a whopping 1695 mana to cast. Also available is Prayer of Fortitude, which buffs your entire party at the same time, with a reagent cost. Prayer of Fortitude is only available through a random world drop from high end instances.


Stamina adds 10 to the rogue's maximum health per point. You should keep your health high for fighting other players, but when fighting monsters who won't get the drop on you it is much more important to overwhelm them quickly and move on to the next one. This is your second most important statistic in a PvP situation, and third most important in a solo or party situation.


Cannibalize is quite nice when fighting humanoid opponents or when your healer runs low on health. It allows you to refill 35 of your health over 10 seconds every 2 minutes by consuming a humanoid or undead corpse. This is something very useful for conserving bandages and can also be used while an opponent is blinded in order to heal a large chunk of health.

Grinding Strategies

Another important aspect to making gold is your profession. If you choose a manufacturing profession, for example Tailoring, you will be missing out on income that could have been generated through selling cloth, either to the auction house or simply just selling it to vendors. The best professions for making money are Mining Herbalism and Skinning. You can't use both Find Minerals an Find Herbs at the same time, so you


Many Warlocks will have exceptional high amounts of health, and can take a while to bring down. In doing this, they sacrifice some offence capabilities, so while they take longer to bring down, they don't hit for as much, so you will last longer. Don't bother trying to kite - their spells are all long range, and they have quite a few DoTs that will bring your health down. If you can, remove their Curses when they cast them on you, especially Curse of Agony.

Making Gold

Professions are also a great way to make money. Stick to the gathering professions rather than production ones. Unless you can get a Rare or Epic pattern that few people on the server have, you won't make any money out of producing items. Each profession generally has one item that sells well Herbalism has a number of different ones, but mainly Ghost Mushroom Mining has Arcane Crystals Skinning has Core Leather. You can also make some money with a few production proffessions, such as Alchemy's transmutes, or creating and selling Mooncloth for tailors. These are on a timer, however, and it is harder to make money this way.

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