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Two types of players exist in WoW RPG: players and Game Masters. A player controls a hero, his alter ego in the game world. This hero can be anything the player envisions, from a potion-brewing troll witch doctor to a goblin in a giant suit of steam armor. The player roleplays his hero and decides his actions.

You've clicked those units and completed those quests online. Now is your chance to make Azeroth and the stories of its heroes and epic battles truly come alive. With World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game (or just WoW RPG), you can explore the world of Warcraft at your tabletop, in sagas of your own making.

The WoW RPG is a tabletop roleplaying game, also called a pen-and-paper roleplaying game. Imagine you and a bunch of your friends, sitting around a table, eating pizza, drinking sodas, and inventing stories set in the Warcraft world. That's what the WoW RPG is all about. Each player creates a character that represents his alter ego on Azeroth, much like in the World of Warcraft computer game, except for one player: the Game Master. The Game Master (or GM) controls everything except the other players' characters.

he LJpen gaming License World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game uses the Open Gaming License (OGL), created by Wizards of the Coast. The WoW RPG, therefore, is fully compatible with the world's most popular tabletop roleplaying game — and with just about any other ^J game that makes heavy use of a . Js funny-sided die called a d20.

Unlike the World of Warcraft computer game, in the WoW RPG there are no limits to the feats you can accomplish, the maneuvers you can attempt, and the lands you can explore. That is the power of tabletop roleplaying games: If you can imagine it, you can create it. And the imagination is a more powerful video card than anything Silicon Valley can create.

To play World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game, one player in your group needs the WoW RPG core book. That's it. The WoW RPG book is a complete game, containing everything you

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The Game Master has a much larger job. The players control the heroes (also called player characters, or PCs); the GM controls everything else. He controls the heroes' opponents, the townsfolk, and all the other people with whom the heroes interact (called nonplayer characters, or NPCs). He also controls the world, including the weather, the seasons, and the adventures that are available. He is the driving force behind the game.

When you get together to play "Bones of Ironforge," have one player volunteer to be the GM. The other players control heroes.

The WoW RPG uses a variety of funny-sided dice, available in any hobby game store. A "d20" is a twenty-sided die. Similarly, a d4 is a four-sided die, a d6 is a six-sided die, and so on.

"2d4" means roll two d4s and add the results together. "2d6 + 5" means roll two six-sided dice, add the results together, and then add 5.


Included in this adventure (starting on page 8) are six heroes who take part in "Bones of Ironforge." Each player (besides the GM) selects one of these heroes to play. The heroes are members of the Alliance and are:

• Botrek Pahno, human warrior.

• Cerise Moonrain, night elf druid.

• Jarlath Brewbelly, Bronzebeard dwarf paladin.

• Widge Whistlevalve, gnome tinker.

Once you select a hero, take that hero's character sheet. The character sheets provide important statistics as well as descriptions of the heroes' special abilities and spells. On pages 6 and 7 of this document is an explanation of the game's basic rules, which you need to know in order to play. It's a good idea to print out a copy of the basic rules for each player.

If you are not the GM, you should stop reading here. Pages 2 through 5 of this document contain information for the GM's eyes only, and reading it would spoil the surprise.

If you are the GM, this section is for you. Read it thoroughly and be familiar with it before you run your players through "Bones of Ironforge."

You should also read the information on pages 6 and 7 to familiarize yourself with the game's basic rules.

Two years ago, Molus, an ambitious and cruel individual, began making efforts to serve the Burning Legion. He hoped the demons would be pleased and reward him with greater power. To that end, he now seeks to establish a secret base near Ironforge to further the Legion's goals. He used magic to disguise himself as a Bronzebeard dwarf and headed to Khaz Modan to search for an appropriate spot. After a few days, he discovered a cave that was perfect for his purposes. Natural geography hid it from the eyes of travelers and explorers, and it was large enough to comfortably house a small army of nascent warlocks and to carry out his experiments.

However, a problem presented itself: The cave was already in use. A necromancer, Toren Snapjoint, was in the cave. Toren had two acolytes with him as well. Molus kept tabs on Toren for a couple of weeks, and saw him raid the local graveyards and animate the dead as skeletons. Toren also slew some traveling dwarves, but Molus managed to hide the bodies before anyone discovered them.

Molus seethed. Toren was a direct rival for his favored location. Not only that, he was sloppy; Molus knew that, if Toren wasn't careful, Ironforge would soon discover his dealings and would be on high alert for other dark magic. Plus, Toren was a servant of the Scourge — which betrayed Molus's masters in the Burning Legion.

Molus had one option: Destroy Toren, quickly and quietly, and take the necromancer's cave as his base. Molus didn't relish the idea of facing Toren alone, though. He needed a bunch of willing dupes to go in and take care of the problem for him.

Reccing a PlayeR In On It

Reccing a PlayeR In On It

If you would like to inject a bit more roleplaying, intrigue, and betrayal into this adventure, perhaps one of the heroes is working for Molus. The hero is an ally or friend of Molus, or maybe Molus just paid her a large sum of money to betray her comrades.

If you would like to go this route, talk to one of the players in private before beginning the adventure. You might ask for a volunteer ("Do any of you feel like doing some extra roleplaying?") or you might select the player who is most likely to be amenable to this course of action.

Explain the circumstances to your player. The player's hero is a traitor, and while she fights alongside the other heroes in the adventure's first encounter, when Molus and his cronies appear, the traitorous character turns on her allies.

Be aware that this situation makes the final encounter more deadly, because the heroes lose an ally and gain an enemy at the same time. Consider reducing the number of Molus's lackeys or eliminating them entirely.

You are wandering around Ironforge when a blond dwarf approaches you.

"Greetings," says the dwarf. "I am Lugni Scopewol." He looks nervous. "You look like a group of people who can take of yourselves. Listen." He steps closer and lowers his voice. "I believe that a necromancer lurks close to Ironforge. In a cave not far from here. I was looking for ore in the mountains, and I saw a couple walking skeletons and a figure in a dark robe with a staff. Someone needs to go in there and kill him! I would tell the authorities, but..." He looks abashed. "Well, to tell you the truth, I've reported similar findings to the guards in the past few months, and they turned out to be nothing. So now I don't think anyone would believe me. This time, though, I'm positive I saw undead! Please, won't you be heroes and defeat this menace before it threatens Ironforge?"

If the heroes ask for gold, "Lugni" promises them 100 gold pieces each if they defeat the necromancer. From Ironforge, it is a few hours' hike to the cave.

3ones of Ironforge" proceeds as follows:

• The disguised Molus Blackborn asks the heroes to break into a necromancer's secret lair and destroy him.

• The heroes enter the cave and, in a pitched battle, defeat Toren, his acolytes, and his undead servants.

• Molus enters the cave, no longer disguised, with some hired muscle. He attacks the heroes, who are weakened from their previous encounter.

• The heroes manage to defeat Molus, but it's a tough fight.

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