Alternate Currencies Reputation Specific

The Scryers

These are the Blood Elves in Shattrath, located on Server Rise 111 Shattrath. You will be attacked by guards up here if you are hostile with the Servers

Several of Outland's new reputations come with quartermaster! each with their own se* of items. Some of these require not just gold, but a different kind of currency as well

The Sha^ar

The reputation of the Naaru, the giant-fLoatmg-symbol-creatures 111 Shattrath. hicreasmg this reputation can be done by killing mobs m the Shadow Labyrinth, an Auchmdoun instance You can find their quartermaster in the center of town

Honor Marks (FvP)

Honor Marks or Tokens already existed in the battlegrounds (Bgs), but EC expands on the concept a little Marks can be obtained m world FvP m the Outland zones They will be awarded to you when you kill members of the opposing faction in a world pvp area. Marks are Reputation specific; they are awarded - as before - in the battlegrounds, but can aisc be gotten by participating 111 world If you participate m FvF, you will be granted marks in certain zones For instance, you will get Marks of Thrallmar or Honor Hold when killing players near one of the three objectives in Hellfire Fenmsula. These marks appear m your inventory when a kill is made, and serve as alternative forms of currency at the quartermaster of that zone

Currencies Overview Table




Mark of Honor Mold

None. NFC is m Honor Hold.

World FvF 111 Hellfire Feninsula

Mark of Thrallmar

None NFC is 111 Thrallmar.

World FvF in Hellfire Feninsttla


Spcreggii jji Zangarmarsh

You can pick up Glowcap Mushrooms iti Zangariuarsh near Sporeggar

Spirii Shard

None. NFC is in Stonebreaker Hold or Allerian Stronghold

Spirit shards can be tooted from bosses in Auchincloiin instance wings, but orijy if you have the World FvF buff active.

Halaa Research Token

None. NFC is in Halaa

Collect Oshu'gun Crystal Powder m Nagrand for the repeatacle quest in Halaa.

Halaa Battle Token

None. NFC is 111 Halaa

Wcrld-FvF in Nairand

There are several more currencies in the BC. which will be added m subsequent guide update

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