Void Rid^e




Go back to Spinebreaker to turn the above quests m You can now ajso get 'The Eyes of Griltok*

From the Abyss




The Void Stones you can summon GalasĀ« at are targe pink crystals in the south of Yo;d ridge, by the edge. Clear out any nearby VYoidwalkers and summon him. He. spawns two Void walker adds that will heal him to full if you don't kill them first.

Note: Gal axis is level 63. If the quest seems too difficult, skip it or save .t for later.

Zeth"Got Must Burn!


Kill, collect, use Yes

The torches can be used at a reasonable distance from the buildings. Note that you have to light them at the forge before being abie to use them. They -will be good for 5 minutes after lighting them.

The Eyes of Gnllok


Kill, collect, use Yes

Save the eye quest for 'after burning the buildings, as you get an increased aggro radius towards the Ores m Zeth'gor from this qaest. Grab an eye and head to Spinebreaker.

Grilbfe "Darkeye'

Zeth'Gor Cave

Kill No

Giillok is in the cave near the Cauldron you did "Boiling Blood* at earlier. He can be solo'd but lias two guards.

You may be able to pull the guards soio at 60.

Turn this quest in, then travel to the ridge north of Honor Hold for;

Burn it up. For the Horde]

North of Honor Hold

There are three cannons, but you can only burn the eastern and westernmost ones. Travel to Thrallmar after tha to turn it m.

Qwest log update

You should now have only "Return to Thrallmar" m your quest 'og


Fick up Falcon Watch, Hie Assassin and A Burden of Souls

Quest name

Takes place at

Quest type


Return to Thrallntar

Thrallmar Satracks

Speak with


Forge Camp, Mageddon



Razorsaw is a level 62 demon, easy to till and impawns reasonably fast. He drops an item that starts the quest tor the fbllowMip to the above quest.

Vile Flans Cannons of Rage Doorway to the Abyi

Thrallmar Sarracks



Kill Use

Kill collect, use

Yes Yes Yes

Use the passage -jx> 'he mountains north of the Thrallmar flightmaster (you'll mh into a few felguardsj then head north toward; Invasion point: Anmhilatot Hie mob you need is a level 62 demon in the center of the camp, and isn't hand to till Use the key he drops on the porta] he was facing, and then head back to Thrallmar. Make sure to pick up "The Agony and the Darkness" m Thrallmar.

Cruel's Intentions [3]



Cruel's Intentions [3]



This quest needs a group, but has a nice trinket reward. Skipping it doe follow-up.

sn't matter for this guide, as it has no

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