Repeatable Quest Warning

Many repeatable quests intended for you to raise any given reputation in Outlaid revolve around turning something in. Some of these quests will cease being available once vou reach a certain reputation level. Don't be the one tc gather IOC Sporregar Spore Sacs only to find out you can't turn them in past neutral standing]

The Exodar is the hometown of the Daenei. and the first reputation they will be gaining while completing quests.

Honor hold is the first reputation for alliance in Helifire Feninsula You will gain Honor Hold reputation bv questing in the zone and by doing the Helifire Citadel instances.

The Kurenai have three dwellings; The Telredar Temple m north we stern Helifire Feninsula. Orebor Ha borage in Zang smash and their main town, Tela a r in Nagrand.

Increasing reputation with them is done by regular quests, turning in Obsidian Warheads (repeatable) and killing ogres and Murkbloods in Nagrand.

Honor Hold


The Mag'Har

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