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Playing the market- I have made the most money in this game by using this technique. It simply consists of the most basic economic principal- buy low and sell high. I have bought a ton of stuff from my own AH and then relisted it for a higher price (sometimes much higher) and raked in serious gold. It is amazing what you can find just by looking through your AH! Most people have no idea what an item is worth if there isn't one already posted for them to compare with. This can be a risky business so start small and work your way up. If you purchase all the thorium on your AH (as an example), then relist just a couple of stacks at a time at a higher price you'll find they sell quite nicely. If someone tries to undercut you don't panic. Either buy them out and relist their items or wait for a day or two when the market is better to sell them.

It is best to buy on weekdays and sell on weekends when more people are playing.

Keep in mind when you do this you are going to lose some money to the AH fees as well as the listing fee. As such, one of the absolute best things to buy and relist is enchanting supplies because there is NO FEE to list them. You can buy them cheap and relist them until they sell without it costing you a thing. My favorites are large radiant shards and small brilliant shards;

also illusion dust has done well for me. All are in high demand but fairly low supply so they'll move fast. Over time you'll learn what is a good price for these and you can buy accordingly. There are a lot of strategies here that will get more into the specifics of what items will bring you the most cash. As above, I always recommend enchanting supplies as a great place to start because there is no AH penalty for listing them.

About those blues and purples- Using the above strategy you can make some really serious gold selling blue or purple items for a lot more than what you paid for them. I always recommend to buy off a seller who might be advertising in the trade channel (always barter) and then relist it in the AH for big profits. If you are having trouble making cash doing this then try the Gadget AH- twice the customers there.

Fiery enchant- There is a quest in the Badlands that rewards those who complete it a fiery enchant. This enchant is not soulbound and can be traded or sold on the AH. These sell for 10-30g. I've sold numerous for over 2 0g. You can acquire these a few ways. First, you can head out to the Badlands where the questgiver is and ask people right away to buy the enchant (I offer about 3g to start) or you can keep an eye on the AH because people usually don't realize what they have and list them for around 1-2g. Simply buy it and then resell it for a huge profit. ;)

Rare recipes- Vendors all over the World of Warcraft on both continents sell crafting recipes. The thing is, most people don't realize where these recipes come from. Any time I am at a vendor and he has a high level or limited supply recipe I purchase it and list it on the AH for an increased price. These almost always sell for me. Some of my favorites are:

■ Mooncloth recipe that is sold at Everlook in Winterspring- I have good luck selling this in Gadget at the AH for 4-10g.

■ Most recipes sold in Moonglade. Moonglade is a high-level town meaning that most people won't be able to go there and purchase from the vendors until lvl 55+. If you are a druid or create a druid alt you will be able to go to Moonglade at around lvl 10. You can buy the tailoring and other recipes there and resell them for a profit.

■ Mooncloth robe recipe from Dire Maul. In the library area of DM there is an NPC that sells a limited recipe for the mooncloth robe. It costs 4g and I have seen it sell for over 55g!

Cash Gathering- My best advice to someone wanting to make money is to not pick up a tradeskill until lvl 60 when you can find or buy all that you need and then just powerlevel it up in an evening or two.

Choose herb gathering or mining as your two processions and SELL everything you gather. You'll have so much gold so soon you won't have to worry where that mount money is going to come from. The only hassle you'll have is that "find herbs" and "find minerals" can't be used together. I suggest the best mod in the world for this-Gatherer. It can be found here: 7 7 Skinning is also a good choice and won't affect your minimap displaying herbs or minerals either.

Quest items- People need quest items. Fortunately for you some of these items are farmable or craftable. You can make quite a nice chunk of gold by loading up on items needed for quests and standing around a questgiver at a busy time (like a Friday night). For example, there is a quest in Eastern Plagues needing high explosive bombs and unstable triggers, there's a quest in Badlands needing Frost Oil and there is a quest in Un'goro needing a mithril casing. All of these things are easy enough to craft or get from a craftsman or guildy then it's just a matter of advertising your wares in general chat to those that need them.

Sell it in the right place- Always sell class specific items in the correct AH. For example, "of the Elements" things are for Shaman. You won't have much luck selling them in the Ironforge AH. Sell them in

Gadget. The same thing goes for Lightforge stuff. It's for Paladins, so Horde sell them in Gadgetzan if you want them to sell.

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