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Combat fighter is a set of rules and body techniques with regards to inflicting pain and paralyzing a human's body. It can be permanent or temporary. We are all confronted with fear at some point in life; either a person is threatening to fight us or you have to fight to achieve your goals. Hurdles are part of life; we always have to fight to overcome. This is why you need combat fighter; it involves identifying possible risk areas and analyzing environment before making a move. The move should be timely and targeting specific areas of the body to be effective. In combat fighting you don't throw a fist at any time or hit any place, the author helps clients understand aspects of when and how. It is not the formal boxing technique; combat fighter cannot help you win an MMA fight. It is about violence without rules. More here...

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

First Strike by Swat Team Leader

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Family Self Defense

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Family Self Defense Summary

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Close Combat Healer Pvppve Enhancement

With this talent build, the Shaman will be spending as much time as possible in Close Combat, healing him her-self when needed without being interrupted. When the situation calls for it, Natures Swiftness can be used to Heal party mates or the Shaman in an instant. This makes for a very hard to kill Shaman that has increased capability in Close Combat. This build is also best suited for Shamans who use a fast one handed weapon and a Shield. With Parry, Toughness and Anticipation the Shaman has better than average protection in close combat and can survive for extended periods of time. This build is also ideal for grinding, as it affords the Shaman less reliance on mana. The Shaman can still deal good damage in Close Combat and can keep him her-self healed.

Combating the Caster Monster

In most cases casting monsters only have one school of magic so pulling them to you can be accomplished fairly easily. Move into range of your Earth Shock to begin with (20 yards). Cast Lightning Bolt and as soon as they turn to you and start casting their spell Earth Shock them to interrupt. They will then come running to you. Drop a Grounding Totem while they cover the distance and move in a couple yards to make sure they initiate melee. Usually casters won't cast for 5 seconds at least since the last interruption, so you have time to let your cooldown on Earth Shock run out. In melee these monsters generally are terrible, so you can make quick work of them. As soon as they attempt to cast in close-combat then reward them with yet another Earth Shock. This way they will never really use their full damage potential and you will have a very one-sided fight on your hands. As they tend to run when nearly dead, you should summon an Earth Bind just to make sure their doom is sealed. In...

Enhancement Tree Overview

The Enhancement Tree affords a Shaman an improved effectiveness in close combat, which is helpful in both PVE and PVP. Enhancement combinations that work especially well are Two Handed Axes and Maces, Improved Windfury Weapon, Flurry, and Thundering Strikes. Two Handed weapons are inherently slower than other weapons but they have a very high damage per hit. When the Windfury effect goes off, the wielder will gain 2 instant attacks with a slow weapon which on its own can be very devastating. The increased attack power is icing on the cake. Flurry can make these slow weapons work wonders when and if a critical hit is scored. Allowing the wielder to swing the weapon as fast as most one handed weapons. Combining the effects of Flurry and Windfury can lead to a barrage of high damage hits in a short amount of time. Although this tactic relies on chance, the inevitable truth is that when it does happen it will be very satisfying as your Shaman tears the opposition to shreds in only a few...

The Restoration Talent Tree Tier

This is one of the best Talents in the Restoration tree. With this talent it allows the Shaman to heal quickly while in close combat which is very beneficial against fast attacking foes. It is not 100 effective, but any chance to make it uninterruptible is a heaven-send for PVE or PVP alike.

Distraction Fighting [General

By using feints and verbal taunts, you are able to distract an attacker from an ally or a sought-after item. Benefit You can distract an enemy into focusing totally on you, forgetting your fallen comrade or the magical item you are protecting. The enemy will follow you, dedicated only to killing you he will not stop until one of you is dead. You must be able to speak, and will not be able to communicate verbally with your allies while performing this feat. The attacker must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1 2 your character level + your Charisma modifier) each round to keep his focus on his original goal.

Wow Coldrage Dagger Action Price

Powers A dreadforge retaliator is a +3 greataxe of instinct that contains the spirit of a wild beast. Whenever its wielder is struck by a critical hit in melee, the spirit of the beast reacts with a furious counterattack. The wielder acts on behalf of this spirit, striking the attacker immediately at his base attack bonus. This counterattack is not considered an attack of opportunity, but it must be made with the dreadforge retaliator, not another weapon or special ability. The weapon's owner may not make a counterattack if the original blow makes him unable to do so (by killing him or stunning him, for example), or if the attacker is out of reach. If the wielder is disabled when he makes the counterattack, it counts as a strenuous action.

Vision Quesc

Most bone crushers are barbarians or warriors, and respect anyone else who shows great strength and martial prowess. As shamanistic cultures view bone crushers as spiritual champions, and as shaman keep bone crushers strong and healthy, bone crushers look favorably on healers. They are especially proud of divine casters choosing to enter close combat such as orc shaman and far seers. Bone crushers despise arcanists and rogues however. Arcanists are book-bound cowards who hide in the back lines and fling spells instead of risking their hides, while rogues are craven backstabbers who never stick their necks out for anyone. The only magic a bone crusher respects are those spells that make him stronger, allowing him to cause even more destruction and chaos. While a bone crusher tends to respect the strength of a paladin, most bone crushers consider paladins pompous and melodramatic. Hit Die d12.

Basic Combat

Propose You choose a ready hero or ally in your party to be the proposed attacker and an opposing hero or ally to be the proposed defender. 2. Attack Your proposed attacker exhausts (turns sideways) and attacks. 4. Damage The attacker and defender deal combat damage to each other equal to their ATKs. This is the only damage that counts as combat damage. There are other things that can happen in a combat if the attacker or defender is a hero or if the Example You propose an ally in your party to attack one of your opponent's allies. Your proposed attacker has 2 ATK and 3 health, and the proposed defender has 1 ATK and 2 health. You exhaust your attacker. When the combat concludes, your attacker deals 2 combat damage to the defender, and the defender deals 1 combat damage to your attacker. The defender is destroyed because it has taken fatal damage. Your attacker gets a damage counter to show that it has taken 1 damage, but it is not destroyed, because it has 3 health.

Combat with a Hero

If your hero is the attacker or defender, there are two things you can do in addition to the steps listed above Example Your opponent proposes Kor Cindervein as an attacker, a basic Paladin ally with no special powers. Your opponent proposes your frail Druid ally, Voss Treebender, as the defender. Since you want to keep Voss Treebender alive, you exhaust Guardian Steelhorn, a Warrior with the protector ability. Guardian Steelhorn becomes the new defender, keeping your Druid alive to fight another day.

Earthen Ring Forces

The shaman and warriors of the Earthen Ring use a number of different tactics. Shaman cast spells to aid themselves and their allies, while warriors protect their flanks or charge their foes. When fighting alongside warriors, shaman weave their magic from behind the frontlines, avoiding melee while more capable fighting men and women engage the enemy in close combat. A group of Earthen Ring members working together is typically small, but united.

Windwall Totem

This totem serves similar purposes as the Stoneskin Totem except that it concerns ranged attackers. Meaning attackers who use throwing weapons, guns or bows will have their damage reduced by this totem. The primary use for this totem in PVE is allowing the party to concentrate on a melee combatant while this totem reduces ranged damage from another attacker. In PVP this totem will serve little use. Shamans who fight Hunters should concentrate on closing the distance, as Shamans are more effective than Hunters in close combat.

Stoneskin Totem

This totem is useless against spell casters for the most part. In PVP the Stoneskin Totem will be beneficial against classes that attack in melee more often. For example if you see that the attacker is using a one handed weapon and a shield or 2 one handed weapons this totem can be summoned to reduce their effectiveness in close-combat.


At level 30 Shimmering Flats has 6 quests that can be done in rapid succession while hunting in the same area near the border of Thousand Needles and The Shimmering Flats. This is especially helpful as at level 30 after gaining the Wind Totem a beneficial buff is provided that can make the Shaman very powerful in close-combat. Take advantage of this time since you're in the area anyways and pick up the quests at the Raceway in the center of the flats. Try to do as much of them as you can while the buff lasts (1 hour).

Water Breathing

This totem is another fun skill that is very useful when doing underwater quests or for taking an enemy by surprise. It requires a reagent so use it sparingly or when necessary. In PVP this ability can also be used as a means of escape or surprise. If fighting near a body of water the caster can submerge themselves out of the range of their attacker. If the attacker is a melee oriented combatant then they have no choice but to give up or follow. If they follow they have a somewhat brief period of time to kill you before they run out of

Frostbrand Weapon

As one of the four Weapon Enhancements this particular ability can be effective at dealing impressive amounts of burst damage while simultaneously adding a slow effect on the target. The only drawback is that it relies on a chance for the effect to occur. Therefore this Weapon Enhancement is more effective when used with faster weapons. More attacks yields more chances for the effect to occur. Daggers and Fist Weapons make optimal choices for this Weapon Enhancement as they usually attack very often but yield less damage. With Frostbrand the burst damage and slow effect can afford the Shaman excellent effectiveness in close-combat.


Strength increases your Attack Power and increases the amount of damage blocked with a shield. You gain 2 Attack Power for every point of Strength. Attack Power raises your Damage per Second (DPS) by 1 for every 14 Attack power or 7 Strength. The amount of damage blocked depends on your level versus the level of the attacker and your Strength jointly with the overall damage reduction gained from your Armor Rating. Shamans who use a 1 handed weapon and a shield gain the most benefit from this stat versus other weapon equipment variants.

Frost Shock

Frost Shock is a very useful ability. It renders a target slowed on top of dealing a healthy portion of damage. Against close-combat-oriented targets that means more chances to blast them with elemental attacks before they make it to melee-range. Against spell-casters this spell can be used to slow their retreat, allowing the Shaman to close the distance. In PVE this spell won't see much use against spell-casters as they generally stay put and deal damage from afar. However, it can keep any monsters from fleeing as it slows them by a significant amount, allowing the Shaman to run them down for the kill. In PVP this skill will see a lot of use as it allows the Shaman to control the flow of the fight. In conjunction with the Earth Bind Totem this skill can slow the target to a halt allowing the Shaman to gain distance or close distance as he she likes. Not to mention that this skill is also a quite damaging instant-cast spell. Frost Shock will yield diminishing returns each time it is...


The caster is surrounded by 3 balls of lightning. When a melee or ranged attacker hits the caster, the attacker will be struck for 13 Nature damage. Only 1 ball will be expended every few seconds. Lasts for 10 minutes or until they are expended. The caster is surrounded by 3 balls of lightning. When a melee or ranged attacker hits the caster, the attacker will be struck for 29 Nature damage. Only 1 ball will be expended every few seconds. Lasts for 10 minutes or until they are expended._ The caster is surrounded by 3 balls of lightning. When a melee or ranged attacker hits the caster, the attacker will be struck for 51 Nature damage. Only 1 ball will be expended every few seconds. Lasts for 10 minutes or until they are expended. The caster is surrounded by 3 balls of lightning. When a melee or ranged attacker hits the caster, the attacker will be struck for 80 Nature damage. Only 1 ball will be expended every few seconds. Lasts for 10 minutes or until they are expended._ The caster is...

Flametongue Totem

Flametongue Totem is primarily to grant other party members more damage in melee. For all other non-Shamans, this is very helpful. In PVE Instance situations where the Shaman has mostly close-combat oriented party-members the added damage from all the attackers can be quite impressive. Medium to Slow speed weapon users will gain the most benefit although dual-wielding Rogues will definitely see an improvement in damage output. This Totem will see little to no use in PVP as most battles are more fluid and rarely

Shaman Talents

There are 3 Talent Trees that a Shaman can invest points into that can bolster his or her abilities in Spellcasting, Close-Combat, and Healing. Those trees are Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration. Starting at level 10 the Shaman begins to accrue points until level 60, meaning that there will be 51 points to distribute into the 3 trees. In the following section I will outline all the talents available, as well as provide strategies and talent combinations that are the most worth the points. I will also describe the utility and usefulness of each of the Talents and give tips on whether they are worth the points or not. At the end of this section I will list a few Talent builds that are efficient and powerful for different styles of play.

Shaman Versus Priest

Remember that the Priest is only effective as long as they have mana remaining. As soon as they are out of mana they are dead in the water. If they attempt to heal, heal yourself at the same time. Even with no mana the Shaman can still destroy a Priest with no mana in close combat.

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