[dventure Background

Ever since the Third War, murlocs appear more often on land. Unfortunately, most of these encounters end in violence. This development is problematic, especially when murlocs encounter other races, such as humans or jungle trolls. Territorial conflicts arise and pinch murlocs from both sides. Embittered and paranoid, murlocs lash out at their neighbors, attempting to drive them away. Many murlocs want simply to be left alone. Others don't see this desire, however, and believe murlocs are slimy and evil monsters.

Such is the case in a small fishing village on Azeroth's west coast (Com3). The village knows of the murloc cave down the beach (Com1), but the two communities lived in relative peace, until recently. Four days ago, murlocs began the first of their nightly savage raids, with no apparent reason. The murlocs don't answer questions; they are instead intent on searching the village for. something, and they kill anyone who stands in their way. Most of the villagers fled after a few days of the onslaught. One man and his son stayed behind, refusing to give up their home.

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