Shomei advanced relentlessly, cleaving his way through the tide of goblins trying to stab at him with their pitiful short swords. Each time he swung, three of the pathetic creatures seemed to fall away, wounded and bleeding. He almost felt sorry for them — they were only slaves, doing their master's bidding.

Their leader, Kritok, stood behind them, urging them on, endlessly firing his repeating pistol at Shomei's allies. Fortunately, as a gnomish warrior, Shomei stood no taller than the goblin slaves, making him a difficult target in the midst of melee. His companions — three humans and a night elf — made fun of his small stature, but sometimes it came in handy.

Several explosions sounded. Shomei saw, through the haze of battle, several groups of slaves fall away. The mage was making herself useful, he thought, forcing himself in the now-open direction. Suddenly the veritable wall of goblins opened up, and he could see Kritok clearly. jr The evil goblin laughed and hurled something over Shomei's head, towards the rest of his party. He didn't wait to see what would happen, instead charging forward. An instant later, a blast of arcane energy swept away the remaining slaves. It was just him and Kritok now.

He swung. Kritok, still wielding his rifle, tried at the last to use it as a shield. Shomei's blade cleaved right through the frail wooden stock, driving deep into the goblin's flesh. With a final squeal the tinker toppled and fell.

Shomei took a few deep breaths and turned back to his friends. He stopped and rubbed his eyes, wondering if ! perhaps he'd taken one too many blows to the head. The mage was ten feet tall. Of the others, one was now a murloc, still dressed in priest's robes, while Milanna had become a cloud of wispy, Milanna-shaped vapor. Where the night elf hunter had stood, there was now a giant rat.

fr1 "Don't ask," muttered the mage, staring down at him while trying not to bump her head on the ceiling.

with partially completed clockwerk goblins stacked like cordwood. With a rumbling roar, the factory kicks into gear, infusing these constructs with power and sending them out to battle.

Once the factory has expanded, it takes 5 rounds before the first goblin marches out. Alternatively, any nearby character can make a DC 20 Use Technological Device check to pause the factory indefinitely, restarting it with a similar check — however, both checks produce an otherwise unnecessary chance of malfunction. Once the factory starts making goblins, it can't be stopped again.

A pocket factory produces 1 clockwerk goblin each round. The goblins attack using whatever simple instructions they were programmed with when the factory was constructed. Typical instructions include "attack anything that moves," "attack anything that isn't a goblin" or "protect your maker and his allies." All constructs possess the same instructions.

The clockwerk goblins' detonation times can be sequential (so each goblin explodes 1 round before the next), delayed so that all of them explode simultaneously, or arranged in any similar pattern. For example, the factory's designer can specify that every 5 goblins explode together (say, the first one blows up after 9 rounds after it is created, the second after 8 rounds, and so on, with goblin #6 starting the cycle over at 9 rounds).

goblins' other instructions, any such pattern must be set in advance.

The goblins are capable recognizing up to 5 individuals as friendly creatures not

A pocket factory produces 1 clockwerk goblin each round. The goblins

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