Acid Bullet

Description: Developed by Dark Iron dwarves as a way to aid their fellows against heavily armored opponents, the acid bullet is a crystal-encased hollow projectile that shatters on contact. The resulting burst of acid deals an insignificant amount of damage, but temporarily makes the target vulnerable.

Operation: An acid bullet takes the place of an ordinary bullet or ball in any weapon that employs such ammunition. The item must be crafted to a specific type of weapon — an acid bullet won't work in a pistol, for example, while an acid ball isn't effective in a rifle. All types are referred to as "acid bullets" hereafter. Acid bullets can't be used in spread or area effect weapons, such as a blunderbuss.

To use the acid bullet, the owner simply loads it into her firearm and shoots. No Use Technological Device check is required, other than any normally required by the weapon itself. However, if the weapon malfunctions, the malfunction result listed below occurs in addition to any other malfunction effect.

When an acid bullet is fired, the owner makes a ranged touch attack, not a normal ranged attack. If the attack is successful, the bullet shatters, dealing 1d3 points of acid damage to the target. Furthermore, the target's armor bonus to AC drops by -1d3 points (minimum +1) for 2d6 minutes. If the attack was a critical hit, the armor reduction doubles. Acid bullets don't reduce natural armor bonuses or bonuses provided by non-metal armor, such as hide or leather, but the target still takes acid damage.

Fuel: Acid bullets require no fuel.

Malfunction: The weapon takes 2d3 points of acid damage (no save, ignores hardness) in addition to any other malfunction effects the weapon normally suffers.

Hardness 0; 1 hp; Size Fine; Weight 1/6 lb.; MR special (see text); TS 3; Craft DC 13; Price 33 gp plus a dose of acid costing 5 gp (total 38 gp).

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