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At the end of each faction description are a couple adventure hooks involving that faction. These hooks are intended to spark your imagination and give you and the heroes jumping-off points for further adventure. They are simply ideas you might use in your home campaign; in all likelihood, the events described in the adventure hooks will never occur in the online World of Warcraft. However, since this is your chance to control Azeroth, feel free to go even further with your adventures.

Factions World Warcraft

the Silver Hand, and as such they still hold some level of influence within the Alliance. The Alliance honors them with offices near the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind and their own headquarters in Darnassus, as well as smaller buildings in other cities. Some members of the Argent Dawn still hold a fair bit of political sway, but most have distanced themselves from the Alliance in the last few years as the battles with the Horde have intensified.

The Horde has a healthy relationship with the Argent Dawn as well, but it does not actually serve as a sponsor for the faction's activities. Rather, the Horde (especially the Forsaken) reinforces the Argent Dawn's troops and otherwise works with them when doing so seems beneficial — which is usually the case, since the Argent Dawn works heavily in the Plaguelands, and the Horde wants to see the Scourge burned to ash as much as anyone. I personally find it a bit strange that the Argent Dawn, so-called undead slayers, are willing to work with the Forsaken; but I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures. Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff at Light's Hope seems to consider the prospect of actually winning against the Scourge in the Plaguelands preposterous. I wonder what he's fighting for, then?

The Cult of the Damned and the Shadow Council constantly attempt to infiltrate the Argent Dawn to disassemble it from inside, but thus far their attempts are unsuccessful (well, or so successful we haven't figured it out yet). The Scourge and the Burning Legion have certainly noticed the Argent Dawn, but they have not yet taken further action against it. Kel'Thuzad seems to be biding his time, and the Scarlet Crusade is a greater annoyance to him — for now.

The Scarlet Crusade has similar goals as the Argent Dawn, but since most of the Crusaders are zealous bigots, the two organizations often come into conflict anyway. Recently, a small group of members of the Scarlet Crusade has taken up residence in Light's Hope Chapel to coordinate with the Argent Dawn in opposing the Scourge. While tensions remain high, Commander Eligor Dawnbringer of the Brotherhood of the Light, a subsection of the Argent Dawn, manages to keep relations from growing violent. I'm honestly not sure how much the two groups will accomplish, but with a major attack from Kel'Thuzad looking imminent, they had better learn to reconcile their differences sooner than later.

The Scarlet Crusaders at Light's Hope seem obsessed with finding a weapon called "Ashbringer," which Eligor insists is foolish. Apparently, he was there when the weapon was lost — apparently a man by the name of Highlord Mograine carried the holy blade, but his son betrayed and murdered him. I don't know much more about the situation, sadly, but it seems like the Argent Dawn and the Scarlet Crusade are more closely connected than I thought. I asked Eligor for more information, but he just shook his head and told me that he couldn't say much more — but I could go to someone else who knew more. Fairbanks. I'll have to look up this "Fairbanks" later.

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