the heroes return the idol to the murlocs, Alman becomes almost violently angry, cursing the heroes for their stupidity, despite his grandson's return. He may even attack the heroes (Com3; hp 5). However, the murlocs praise the heroes and spread the tale to other murloc communities. The heroes may receive help and even friendship from nearby murloc villages in the future.

On the other hand, if the heroes decimate the murlocs, Alman is jubilant, and if the heroes took the statue from him, politely asks for it back, offering to split the reward. If the heroes don't know about the statue, then he says nothing about it. He sells it and keeps the money for himself.

If the heroes keep the statue, it sells for 400 gp to a merchant with an artistic bent or a collector.

"The Lost Idol" can lead to other adventures, such as the following.

• The heroes receive a message from the murloc chieftain, asking for help. Naga forces have discovered the caverns, and desire to enslave the murlocs.

• Pleased by the success of the heroes, the local magistrate calls upon them to help root out a gnoll uprising near his borders. He plans to pay well.

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