Adventure Hook

• Powerful, corrupted green dragons appear on Azeroth. The heroes must defeat these dragons and discover the source of their corruption.

Membership: Unknown.

Alignment: Lawful good.

Regions of Influence: Some of the red dragonflight resides at Grim Batol, but red dragons have been sighted in several other locales, such as Mount Hyjal. The location of the majority of the flight is unknown. Grim Batol is sealed off, so I hope they send us a memo or something.

Activities: Red dragons are the guardians of all life, and they are among the mightiest and noblest of dragons. That doesn't mean they're all nice and fluffy, however. The activities of the red dragonflight are mostly secret, but I have a strong feeling some of them are watching us all very closely. Some are at Mount Hyjal and work with the other flights against the Burning Legion's remnants, but that's about all I know.

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