Adventure Hooks

• Captive Zandalari high priests are channeling power from their gods into Hakkar. Most believe the only way to stop this process is to kill the high priests. One Zandalari, however, believes he can disrupt this process by conducting a special ceremony. However, he must conduct this ceremony in a location currently holding a night elf town.

• An enterprising goblin sneaks into the Temple of Atal'Hakkar and Zul'Gurub and appropriates many of the Atal'ai's relics. He peddles his wares throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, claiming that anyone can use these items to gain a portion of Hakkar's power. He's lying of course — but not everyone knows that.

Membership: 371.

Alignment: Chaotic good.

Regions of Influence: Darnassus, Felwood, Moonglade, Silithus (Cenarion Hold and Valor's Rest), Thunder Bluff.

Activities: Protecting and restoring nature.

The Cenarion Circle is the organization to which all druids belong. It is dedicated to the protection of nature and the restoration of the damage already done to it. Its members believe that the only way to achieve this goal is by keeping the balance within the world, so the Cenarion Circle rarely gets involved in any conflict unless it directly threatens nature. Thus, the Cenarion Circle is an impartial faction that is not interested in or preoccupied with political affairs.

Operatives working for this group can belong to any faction, and both members of the Alliance and the Horde are involved with the Cenarion Circle. While the men and women of the Cenarion Circle seek to remain as far away as possible from the politics of the different races and factions, the tensions and conflicts engendered by them sometimes affect nature — and thus the Cenarion Circle — directly. When such events arise, the Cenarion Circle takes drastic measures to protect the wilderness and restore the natural order, even if it means siding against a faction.

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