Adventure Hooks

• The heroes' mission is to recover an artifact from the ruins of Alterac. Knowledge of the city's layout could help them avoid the Crushridge ogres. However, wheedling that information out of a Syndicate member may be as dangerous as facing an ogre.

• On their way to aid a village under threat from the Scourge, a group of healers bearing supplies disappears.

Alliance leaders suspect the Syndicate ambushed them. The heroes must find the healers (if they survived) and bring them and the supplies to the village before it's too late.

• The heroes — all members of the Syndicate — discover the head of their household murdered. His widow blames a rival noble and demands vengeance. This is an opportunity for the heroes to advance themselves and their household within the Syndicate. Alternatively, it's an opportunity for them to escape the Syndicate in the ensuing chaos.

Membership: 100.

Alignment: Neutral evil.

Regions of Influence: The Thorium Brotherhood is based at Thorium Point in the Searing Gorge and has trading posts in Everlook and Gadgetzan.

Activities: Thorium Brotherhood craftsmen turn raw material into rare and powerful enchanted items for a substantial fee.

Some humans think all dwarves are greedy; they don't recognize the difference between a deep, spiritual connection with the earth and petty gold-fever. This isn't to say dwarves are never greedy. The Dark Iron clan's lust for power tore the mountains asunder (figuratively and literally). Yet, the line of Dark Iron bred a group of dwarves so covetous that even the power of an elemental lord couldn't contain it. You may know them as the Thorium Brotherhood, purveyors of high-quality weapons, armor and enchantments.

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