Adventure Hooks

• When a teenage orphan goes berserk and stabs people at an inn in Stormwind City, the heroes link his behavior to a war orphanage. The orphanage is secretly run by the Defias Brotherhood to train new recruits, who will eventually infiltrate the guards of Stormwind's noble houses. Stormwind's guards, not wishing to alarm the populace, ask the heroes to shut down the orphanage without killing the children.

• In the heart of Stormwind City is the Stockade, a great fortress prison. One of the people in the Stockade is Marty Branch, a condemned prisoner who knows a piece of information that might save the life of one of the heroes' friends (Marty might know the whereabouts of an herb which is an antidote to a rare poison, or he might have committed a crime for which the friend has been sentenced to hang); unfortunately the prisoners in the Stockade have rioted, and it's under the control of the Defias Brotherhood.

• The gnolls have turned against the Defias Brotherhood! Under the command of the gnoll chief Grimpaw, the gnolls attack the brotherhoood's encampments, killing their members and stealing their supplies. A desperate Defias Brotherhood captain, who was a friend of one of the heroes many years ago before the war, begs his friend to reinforce Defias ranks. He reminds his adventuresome friend that he's human — and of what gnolls do to human prisoners.

• VanCleef is dead, or dying (perhaps because adventurers penetrated his stronghold and slew him). The Defias Brotherhood's leaders meet to determine his successor. The heroes, a known disreputable group, have been invited to the meeting. An emissary from the Church of the Holy Light comes to the heroes and urges them to betray the meeting to Stormwind, claiming that when VanCleef dies, so will any virtue that's still attached to the Brotherhood's cause.

Azeroth is home to five dragonflights, characterized and separated by their colors: black, blue, bronze, green, and red. I discuss each of them in turn, below, except the blue dragonflight, which I discussed at length in Lands of Mystery.

Membership: Unknown. Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Regions of Influence: Onyxia's dragonspawn followers control the southwestern portion of the Dustwallow Marsh, but the majority of black dragons do not appear to control much territory. Nefarian, one of Deathwing's strongest children, controls the spire in the guise of "Lord Victor Nefarius." Many of Nefarian's followers spend time in the Burning Steppes and the Searing Gorge. I also know about one black dragon in the Blasted Lands — Teremus the Devourer. I have no idea what he's doing there, nor do I plan to ask.

Activities: The black dragonflight focuses on expanding its power at the cost of all else. They often do this by masquerading as nobles of other races, then using magic to manipulate members of that race to gain political power.

Black dragons are powerful, terrible and egocentric. Their race once ruled Azeroth along with the other dragonflights, and in their pride, they seek to regain their lost influence with no consideration of their ancient responsibilities. Currently, most of the black dragonflight fights a number of different foes, including our friends in the Alliance and the Horde, as well as a good number of others — most notably Ragnaros, the fire elemental lord. Neither of them likes the other, but both lack the numbers for a full assault. If that ever changes, it's hard to say who would be the victor.

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