Adventure Hooks

• A wealthy mage holds a red dragon egg in magic stasis. While he is a away, a freak accident disrupts the magic, and the egg hatches.

• Lady Katrana Prestor, a Lordaeron noble (and Onyxia in disguise) becomes convinced that one or two red dragons are hiding in the royal court of Stormwind, disguised as humans. She plots to expose and/or assassinate these infiltrators.

Membership: 230.

Alignment: Chaotic neutral.

Regions of Influence: Durotar, Mulgore and Orgrimmar.

Activities: The Earthen Ring is the shaman organization of Azeroth. Its main goal is to maintain the balance between the world and the elementals that dwell upon it. Talking to and dealing with the spirits of the elements, members of the Earthen Ring try to keep the spirits pacified as well as prevent them from raising havoc on Azeroth. Relatively little of the Earthen Ring's time is spent on hunting down rogue elementals and cultists. However, elemental activity is on the rise on Azeroth, so the Earthen Ring is getting busier. Some believe that the role of the organization in the preservation of the world has become essential.


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