Adventure Hooks

• The qiraji attempt to create a magical barrier to trap the bronze dragonflight inside the Caverns of Time.

• The "dead" forgotten one in Ashenvale at the Master's Glaive disappears overnight, leaving a gaping crater in the earth leading to a complex underground labyrinth.

HeRoes and the Bronze DRagonflight

Characters who are members or supporters of the bronze dragonflight are exceedingly rare. The bronze dragonflight also opposes the workings the Twilight's Hammer, as well as servants of the Burning Legion.

Membership: Unknown.

Alignment: Neutral Good.

Regions of Influence: The home of the green dragonflight has ever been the Emerald Dream. I've never been there, but from what the druids tell me, it's like Azeroth if the civilized races had never touched the world — like a blueprint of what the world must have been like at creation. If that looks anything like the Hinterlands, I suppose I can see the appeal. At any rate, the green dragonflight (much like the bronze) has ever been distant from mortals, but recently we're seeing more of them — and not for the best of reasons. It seems something called the Nightmare has overtaken a part of the Emerald Dream; sounds like more Old God corruption to me. Whatever it is, the Nightmare can apparently overtake even the strongest of creatures — including the green dragons. Four corrupted green dragons have emerged from the Emerald Dream in various locations around the world, such as in Feralas and at Seradane. We can only hope that Ysera and the rest of the green flight will soon discover the source of the Nightmare's corruption and put an end to it.

Activities: The dreaming dragonflight has ever been the strongest force for the protection of nature, but the recent appearance of the Nightmare transforms some green dragons into terrible monsters.

Since the Emerald Dream seems to represent nature's purest form (as I understand it), green dragons traditionally have spent almost all their time there. They get along with druids and similar folk pretty well, but the rest of us rarely have contact with them. The green dragonflight is one of the three flights responsible for the creation of the first World Tree, Nordrassil. I'm still rather curious what they think about the "new and improved" one of which Staghelm is so proud.

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