Adventure Hooks

• As new recruits in Rend's Horde, the heroes receive orders for their first mission. A band of three Forsaken herbalists plan on making an expedition to the northeast section of Elwynn Forest to seek out a rare plant with potent medicinal properties. The Forsaken serve the Royal Apothecary Society and support Thrall's Horde; the heroes' orders are to stalk the Forsaken, kill them, and bring their harvested plants back to Blackrock Spire. Complications arise in the form of a Scarlet Crusade war party, who also stalk the Forsaken and assume the PCs are allies of the undead.

• Irna, a young orc female, contacts the heroes based on tales of their exploits. She tells the group that her brother, a headstrong warrior named Kark, has joined Rend's Horde in an amazingly rare move. Irna claims that Kark is not a bad orc, only young and stupid. Irna and Kark's younger sister was accidentally killed by a drunken Alliance soldier; Kark's intense grief has led him to seek revenge against all "Alliance scum." Recently Kark managed to smuggle a note to Irna. He writes of the harsh life in Rend's organization, the evil nature of the group, and his longing to escape. Kark plans on leaving the group during a raid on a mostly defenseless human settlement. Irna asks the heroes to lay an ambush for the Dark Horde raiders and ensure Kark's escape goes smoothly. Irna is a good orc, a healer who selflessly gives of her time, and her history is a long and honorable one.

Membership: 97.

Alignment: True neutral.

Regions of Influence: The Darkmoon Faire travels the world gathering mysterious delights and delightful mysteries. It spends most of its time in "parts unknown," as its members say, but every month or so it stops south of Thunder Bluff in Mulgore, or near Goldshire in Azeroth's Elwynn Forest. Where it is when it's not in either of those places is beyond me.

Activities: The Darkmoon Faire boasts a host of entertainments for the connoisseur of the questionable. On the surface, it appears to be a business, and it makes money by inviting people in to participate in a variety of games, ogle strange beasts, and see interesting sights and individuals, including the strongest woman in the world. You can also have your fortune read.

The Darkmoon Faire is a traveling carnival. When it's not vanished into mysterious parts of the world, it sets up its colorful booths and banners in Mulgore or Elwynn (so members of both the Alliance and the Horde can partake of its wonders). The Faire offers a variety of diversions for people of all stripes. I must admit I was a little suspicious when I passed beneath the Faire's lively green and purple bunting for the first time. I doubted there was anything in there that would appeal to me — a dwarf of deep thoughts with an eye for true mysteries. (Though the fact that members of various races would get together to create something like the Darkmoon Faire does have an intrigue.)

I think I was mostly correct — entering the Darkmoon Faire, you want to check your brain at the door. However, I underestimated the sheer entertainment value inherent in the place. The enthusiasm of the barkers and the booth minders and the patrons develops into something irresistible, and I found myself hooked.

I also have a suspicion that the Darkmoon Faire is more than it appears.

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