Adventure Hooks

• A gnome at the Faire tells the heroes of his new booth ideas, which they realize are unstable and could destroy a substantial part of the countryside.

• An apothecary opens a booth at the Faire, peddling minor healing potions and other aids. His customers don't know that his potions don't cure a thing — in fact, they are samples of his latest experiments.

Membership: 18,000.

Alignment: Lawful evil.

Regions of Influence: Agents of the Defias Brotherhood are active throughout the kingdom of Stormwind, terrorizing small hamlets and townships in the Elwynn Forest, bullying farms in Westfall and Duskwood, and infiltrating the noble houses of Stormwind. The Brotherhood's central base of operations, however, is found in the Deadmines of Westfall and the outlying town of Moonbrook. Beyond Westfall and Elwynn, its influence is diminished. They are allied with gnolls, kobolds, and a few goblins in Booty Bay, but orcs and trolls consider them to be just another annoying human faction and are as likely to attack them as any human (which limits their influence in Lakeshire and Stranglethorn Vale).

Activities: The Defias Brotherhood performs highway robberies and constructs harvest golems to terrorize farmsteads while engaging in labyrinthine plots to undermine Stormwind's leadership.

The Defias Brotherhood, while founded with benign intentions, degenerated into a well-organized pack of bandits and thugs. For the kingdom of Stormwind, the Defias Brotherhood poses an immediate threat; it is an implacable enemy whose hatred of the city knows no limits.

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