Adventure Hooks

• Reports of strange activities on Durotar's eastern coast prompts the Earthen Ring to investigate. A member of the group contacts the heroes and asks them to help him search the coast, only to discover the entrance of a cavern complex in which Twilight's Hammer cultists have established a base. The heroes must cleanse the Twilight's Hammer's secret base before they can put their foul plan into action.

• A remote village of approximately a hundred people has been brutally attacked by a handful of elementals. A traveler who recently journeyed to this isolated village reported the assault to a contact of the Earthen Ring. Fearing another such attack, the organization sends the heroes to defend the remaining villagers and hunt the creatures. The mayor of the place, however, is xenophobic and is fearful of anyone from the Horde, due to past encounters with orcs and trolls. The heroes might have to earn the villagers' trust before they can help them.

(also known as the Explorers' Guild)

(also known as the Explorers' Guild)

Membership: 3,750 and rising.

Alignment: Neutral good.

Regions of Influence: Worldwide, though more often in the east (Azeroth, Khaz Modan and Lordaeron) than on Kalimdor.

Activities: Exploring every corner of the world. Searching for titan artifacts. Amassing one of the world's largest libraries of information on Azeroth's history, people, and cultures.

So, what are we all about? Simple enough, we are a bunch of dwarves who just want to Know. That's with a capital K, guys. We're just too damn curious for our own good. However, curiosity isn't the only thing that drives the guild. First and foremost, we want to know about ourselves. Where did we come from? When exactly did the titans create us? What are the earthen, and why did we evolve from them? We believe that, by discovering as much knowledge of the world as possible, we'll find the scraps and pieces that'll tell us what we are.

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