Adventure Hooks

•>^While deep in Zul'Aman, a band of Farstrider recruits is captured; they are now being tortured by the trolls. The Farstriders, as a small group unable to commit more of their own, hire the heroes to venture into Zul'Aman and rescue the elves.

• An eager and young group of tauren and orcs seek to emulate the Farstriders, but get in over their heads.

Membership: 12,000.

Alignment: Lawful evil.

Regions of Influence: The Scarlet Crusade is most active in the Western and Eastern Plaguelands. Their main citadel sits in Tyr's Hand in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Activities: The Scarlet Crusade claims to care only about life. They consider undead a hideous abomination that corrupts humanity; a plague they must eradicate from Azeroth. They slaughter all undead they encounter, along with people who look like undead, people they suspect are in league with undead, people standing in front of the undead, and people who might have said the word "undead" once or twice. The Crusade has what you might call a "take no prisoners" — or rather, leave no survivors — policy.

I'd buy a wooden pistol off a goblin before I'd believe that the Crusade is an ally of the Light. The Scarlet Crusade doesn't differentiate between the Lich King's mindless masses and the admittedly creepy but free-willed Forsaken, though. Not everyone agrees with this doctrine, but arguing with a Scarlet Crusader likely gets you labeled an undead sympathizer, and the next thing you know there's a sword through your chest.

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