Adventure Hooks

• The heroes discover that a member of the cult is attempting to place a plague within the walls of an enemy.

This would doom thousands of noncombatants to die an excruciatingly painful death, and probably provide the Scourge with more undead for their armies. On the other hand, they are the heroes' enemies. What do the heroes do? What if they warn the city, but it refuses to listen?

• A number of Forsaken apothecaries attempt to create a plague to wipe out the Scourge. They labor in secret, but a cultist spy learns of their schemes. He takes this knowledge back to his leaders, who send Damned cultists to eliminate the threat.

Membership: 5,000.

Alignment: Chaotic evil.

Regions of Influence: These renegade orcs and their allies operate out of Blackrock Spire in the Burning Steppes, but a force of Blackrock orcs recently secured Stonewatch Keep in the Redridge Mountains.

Activities: The Blackrock and Dragonmaw orcs, and their various allies, keep fighting losing battles in a war nobody told them was over.

Near the end of the Third War, when everything seemed as black as an ogre's armpit, Thrall stepped up and united with the humans and night elves to save the world. Everyone's heard stories of how the humans and night elves needed a lot of persuading to go along with this. Lots of orcs thought it was a mad idea, too. Some became renegades, or never followed Thrall in the first place. They've also gathered a number of allies, including a sizeable number of forest trolls and ogres.

These renegades, collectively called the Dark Horde, still think they're fighting the Second War. They consort with demons, attack humans on sight, and hate Thrall with every inch of their dark hearts. Blackrock and Dragonmaw orcs skulk around Blackrock Spire, calling themselves the "real" Horde and spitting on anyone who dares claim otherwise. The Smolderthorn and Firetree forest trolls, as well as the Spirestone and Firegut ogres, plus some goblins, also form the Dark Horde. No doubt Thrall would have had the renegades eliminated by now, except that some great big black dragon has taken the orcs under his wing, so to speak.

The Dark Horde fights the old battles against its old enemies, and to hell with the new ways. They're orcs (and trolls and ogres), damn it, and that means slaughter, pillage and loot. Anyone who says different must be one of Thrall's defanged followers and deserves to die. I plan on steering clear of Blackrock Spire.

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