Adventure Hooks

• In order to defeat a powerful foe, the heroes need a special enchantment cast upon their weapons. The Thorium Brotherhood has such an enchantment, but before they cast it (or perhaps teach the formula to a hero), the heroes need to bring them some special ingredients.

• The Thorium Brotherhood places a bounty on the head of a traitorous member. The rogue dwarf hires the heroes to defend him from assassins, until he can complete an enchanted suit of armor to protect himself.

• Malyfous Darkhammer believes that Wyrmrest Temple (in Northrend) houses a cache of ancient formulas. Though he has no proof that these formulas exist, he offers to craft whatever the heroes desire if they recover the forgotten lore. They just have to get past the blue dragonflight

Membership: Unknown. Estimates range from several score to a several thousand.

Alignment: Chaotic evil.

Regions of Influence: Known Twilight's Hammer cult centers include, Silithus, Blackfathom Deeps (in Ashenvale), the Master's Glaive (in Darkshore), and Blackrock Depths.

Activities: The Twilight's Hammer searches for signs of the Old Gods and a means to destroy the world and return the Old Gods to power.

The Twilight's Hammer is a relatively new cult, but worships beings far older than any other. Its fanatical members believe that in the near future the Old Gods will break free of their imprisonment and return the world to the way it was before the titans' arrival. What this means for the cultists is a matter of debate within the faction, but this does not deter them from trying to bring about this apocalypse.


The story of the Twilight's Hammer begins with Cho'gall, the first ogre mage. Trained in the arcane arts by Gul'dan, Cho'gall was one of the most feared and respected members of the Horde during the First and Second Wars. Cho'gall was made the leader of an orc clan after its previous chieftain was executed for disobeying the Shadow Council. The clan's name was changed to the Twilight's Hammer; its original name and that of its former chieftain was stricken from all records. Under Cho'gall's leadership the clan became increasingly nihilistic and eventually sought the destruction of all creation.

When Gul'dan abandoned the war effort to seek the Tomb of Sargeras, Cho'gall and the Twilight's Hammer clan followed. The ogre mage believed that opening the

tomb would mark the beginning of the end. Although it didn't enter the tomb, the Twilight's Hammer clan was slaughtered anyway by the forces Orgrim Doomhammer sent to destroy the traitor clans.

One might think that this would be the end of the line for Cho'gall's end of the world. Yet, though Cho'gall is presumed dead, a few of his followers certainly survived, as did the ogre mage's eschatological writings. These manuscripts were soon discovered by delvers into dark lore. At first these researchers (among a wide variety of races) worked independently, but eventually they banded together and, with the survivors of the fallen clan, discovered the truth of Cho'gall's nihilism. The ogre mage and his clan were being influenced by elementals, who had served the Old Gods long ago. Before being forced into enchanted sleep and imprisonment far beneath the surface of Azeroth, the Old Gods were said to have reveled in the destructive power of the elements. With the reemergence of C'Thun, scholars have speculated that the Old Gods, though asleep, nevertheless exert a great deal of power on their surroundings. Indeed, their unconscious desire to be free at any cost may have influenced a number of key events in Azeroth's history, including the rise of the silithid and the strange time anomaly that surfaced during the War of the Ancients and nearly unmade creation.

Rather than be repulsed by the Old Gods' destructive nature, many of the researchers were intrigued —

perhaps falling under the same spell that enthralled Cho'gall. Thus, they formed the Twilight's Hammer cult. This new cult is the spiritual descendant of the original clan, and even now seeks to bring about the end of the world.

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