Adventure Hooks

• The forces of the Cenarion Circle need reinforcements in Silithus. An operative from Cenarion Hold recruits the heroes to help Commander Mar'alith and his troops fight the silithid. The heroes are well paid for their service, but soon Mar'alith asks them to sneak into a silithid encampment to free Cenarion Circle prisoners.

• The gazelles of the northern Barrens mysteriously fall sick, and the tauren Tonga Runetotem requests aid from the Cenarion Circle. Dendrite Starblaze, a member of the organization, suspects that the source of the poison can be found in Dreadmist Peak, where the airy summits have pools of water that influence the region's weather patterns. The heroes must go there to collect a water sample and deliver it to Tonga. With the poisoned water in his possession, the tauren might be able to work on a cure and perhaps restore the tainted ecosystem.

• An insect infestation threatens Valor's Rest; when word of it reaches a druid from the Cenarion Circle, he asks the heroes to help. In order to get rid of the vermin, the heroes must find an ancient recipe believed to lie in the ruins of a library now haunted by fel creatures, locate the special ingredients and with them produce a magical powder, then bring the concoction to Valor's Rest and set it aflame to make a dense vapor that kills the insects and their eggs.

• Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem is spearheading an important research project and is looking for seasoned adventurers to lend a hand. An operative of the Cenarion Circle in Thunder Bluff hires the heroes to locate and bring back specimens of a legendary plant rumored to have grown in the hills around Un'Goro Crater.

Membership: 10,000.

Alignment: Lawful evil.

Regions of Influence: The Cult of the Damned is based in the Plaguelands of Lordaeron, centered in foul Scholomance.

Activities: Spreading plague and training new necromancers.

Wise men tell us to "know thy enemy." The Scourge is the enemy of all that lives, and their mortal, living (but still stinky) arm is the Cult of the Damned. Fanatical in their devotion to the Scourge, these spies, soldiers and necromancers hope to achieve a life of undeath that will last for eternity.


The Cult of the Damned began, of course, with the Lich King Ner'zhul, whom the Burning Legion had charged to scour humanity from the world. He called folk w o r

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