Adventure Hooks

• Highlord Taelan Fordring supplies the Scarlet Crusade with land and financial aid. Were he to retract his support, the Crusade would feel his loss keenly. Heroes opposed to the Scarlet Crusade might suspect that someone is magically controlling Taelan. He retains his faith in the Holy Light, but subtle magical manipulation forces him to support the Scarlet Crusade as well. The heroes attempt hunt down the arcanist controlling Fordring, but find that their suspicions are incorrect. Fordring makes his decisions knowingly and of his own free will. The heroes' actions have now drawn the attention of the Scarlet Crusade, though, and they find themselves with many new enemies.

• For some time now, the Crusade has heard rumors that Forsaken researchers are developing a new spell to disguise undead so perfectly it will be almost impossible to detect imposters. The Crusade finally learns the location of the research lab: It lies at the bottom of Lordamere Lake, where the undead (who don't need to breathe and don't suffer from the cold) work in perfect secrecy and safety. The heroes receive orders to seek out the hidden lab, using potions of water breathing, and destroy the Forsaken and their research.

• Grand Crusader Saidan Dathrohan masquerades as a pious paladin of the Holy Light, but in reality he is the dreadlord Balnazzar. Balnazzar, an agent of the Burning Legion, manipulates the Scarlet Crusade to war against the Lich King, former pawn of the Burning Legion. The heroes may inadvertently intercept missives to Dathrohan that imply he is loyal to a force other than the Scarlet Crusade. If the PCs investigate, they draw Balnazzar's attention; the dreadlord then dispatches demonic assassins to deal with the PCs. If they survive, the dreadlord attempts to preserve his secret by labeling the heroes undead sympathizers. The heroes must scramble to reveal Balnazzar's true form before the Crusade tears them apart. (More information on Balnazzar, including his statistics, appears in the Monster Guide, Chapter 2: Villains.)

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