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'lany couatl exist on Zandalar, and Motrek, a witch doctor in Orgrimmar, wants to study their venom to see if he can replicate it with other natural ingredients. He hires a group of heroes to capture 20 couatl and transport them to Orgrimmar.

• A night elf historian wants to question that Zandalari about the ancient magic that protected them from the Sundering. She knows that the Zandalari consider the island sacred, though, and don't want outsiders despoiling it. Diplomacy is not her strong suit. She hires a group of heroes to act as bodyguards and spokespeople on her behalf.

This chapter presents the military psychology and tactics of dark races and factions, as well as statistics for some of their members.

rgent Dawn Forces rgent Dawn Forces

In the Plaguelands and other parts of the world that the Alliance and Horde alike have abandoned, the Argent Dawn stands as a last shining bastion of hope against the Scourge, the Burning Legion and other threats. Contrary to what one might expect, the Argent Dawn rarely defends any given location; rather it remains mobile, attempting to strike where it is least expected. This is clearly a strong contrast to the more straightforward Knights of the Silver Hand.

The knights and freedom fighters of the Argent Dawn rely on hit and run tactics, using their magic and knowledge of the terrain to compensate for the disadvantage of their small numbers. Each group is assigned an officer, who chooses when to engage enemies in combat or avoid them; if there is any major risk to the group, the officer avoids the conflict unless there is an impending threat that must be stopped. The Argent Dawn is unwilling to risk even a single member if it can be avoided, for every sword lost could be another to join the Scourge. The Argent Dawn is not a group of cowards;

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