Alchemists StiRReR

Description: This device is about the size and shape of a fountain pen, albeit a bit thicker. One end has a series of small sampling holes, while the other bears a clear glass bulb encased in a protective sheath of amber.

Table 5-3: New Technological


Acid Bullet_

Alchemist's Stirrer

Artificial Tail_

Cluster Rocket Launcher Divino-matic Rod

Drill Crawler_

Giant Turtle Battle Sub Hong's Throat-Burner Instant Brewmaker

Pocket Factory_

Sphere Of Chaos

Devices Weight 1/6 lb. 1/2 lb. 30 lb. 14 lb. 2 lb. 1/3 lb. 500 lb. 1 lb. 10 lb. 10/8,000 lb. 1/2 lb.

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