Always neutral HD Small

Clockwerk goblins are simple devices. They are capable of following specific targets, moving along the ground, making up to 360-degree turns, and swinging their spears, but that's about it.

Detonate (Ex): A set period of time (see below) after its activation, a clockwerk goblin detonates. It always detonates on its turn, after it takes its normal actions. The explosion deals 1d6 points of damage per 2 Hit Dice of the goblin to everything within a radius equal to 5 feet per 2 Hit Dice of the goblin. Half of the damage is fire and half is slashing. Creature can make DC 12 Reflex saves for half damage. The save DC is Stamina-based.

If the clockwerk goblin is destroyed prior to the set amount of time, it does not detonate.

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