Approaching the Dungeon The Cavern Mouth EL

As the heroes make it to the cave, they see the following:

Ocean waves pound relentlessly against the sides of the cave, creating a deafening cacophony. The mouth is a large hole in the cliff where the water rushes in. On each side of the mouth is a narrow path leading inside. The rocks are slippery, and seaweed crisscrosses your path.

Traps: The seaweed is an early detection device. The murlocs built this trap to alert them to any intruders. A DC 20 Spot check allows a hero to notice the seaweed's structured layout. If the seaweed is disturbed, a series of bells rings in the barracks and tunnels, alerting the guards to the heroes' presence. (The heroes can hear the alarms going off with a DC 25 Listen check.) The guards then lower the portcullis and prepare ambush spots along the tunnels (see below). Basic Alarm System Trap: CR 1; mechanical; touch trigger; manual reset; no damage/special; Search DC 20; Disable Device DC 15.

Creatures: Two sharks patrol the area in front of the mouth, waiting to attack anyone who falls into the water, or attempts to swim into the cave. These sharks are murloc pets, trained to kill anything they do not recognize.


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