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This short corridor ends at another door made of wood, but this one is bound in gold, not steel. A massive, complex lock dangles from the handle.

These quarters are festooned with gold filigree, ugly trinkets, and other tacky decorations that only a goblin could love. A bed in the corner is lined with gold-colored sheets and pillowcases, and even the chamber pot is inlaid with gold. There's so many different statuettes, gaudy jewelry, inlaid frames, solid gold writing tools, technological parts, and other bits made of gold that a treasure-hunter would have difficulty knowing where to start cataloguing the loot.

This is where Goldknuckle crashes on the rare occasions when he actually sleeps. In his paranoia, he's constructed a terrifyingly complicated lock to keep intruders out, without regard to the fact that all someone has to do is chop the lock off the soft gold door frame. The lock is attached to a golden fastener that has hardness 3 and 10 hit points. Of course, they can also try to unlock it (DC 35 Open Lock check) if they can get past the acid trap (see below). The lock is so spectacularly well built that it can be sold for 800 gp if the heroes can deactivate its trap and take it along with them.

Trap: The lock can deliver a painful acid splash. Lock Acid Trap: CR 4; technological device; activation trigger; no reset; DC 25 Fortitude save (partial); single target (anyone trying to work or move the lock); acid splash dealing 6d6 points of acid damage (no save) and 1d4 Agility damage (negated if the save succeeds); Search DC 26; Disable Device DC 30.

The acid trap is so touchy that it goes off if anyone fails a Search check, fails a Disable Device check, or attempts to take 10 or 20 on any such check. It also goes off if the lock is unduly disturbed, such as if it is knocked to the floor when the lock is chopped from the wall. When the acid splashes, it melts the lock, destroying it, but deals no damage to anyone who isn't trying to search, disable or unlock it at that moment.

When the heroes enter the room, continue with the following.

For simplicity's sake, have the heroes make a single Appraise check, taking the highest result. Multiply the result by 100 to see how many gold pieces in value they are able to scavenge — for example, if the highest roll is 28, they score 2,800 gp in loot. The total weight of all the gold they collect is half this amount, so in our example, they'd have to figure out how to carry 1,400 pounds of gaudy golden junk.

Trap: A trap in the room trap alerts Goldknuckle to the presence of intruders.

Room Silent Alarm Trap: CR —; technological device; proximity trigger (anyone entering the room); automatic reset; no save; multiple targets (anyone entering); no noticeable effect; Search DC 30; Disable Device DC 36. Each time someone enters the room and sets off this trap, Goldknuckle is notified via a buzzing alarm in an ear-sensor. In this way, he can get an accurate count of how many intruders are in his lair, and plan accordingly.

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