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This is a wide chamber. Small holes are carved into the chamber's walls, filled with seaweed beds and living essentials. Frightened murlocs peer out from the holes, ducking back when noticed. A blue-green glow emanates from the stones, causing the chamber to glow brightly. The water here flows gently, like a light breeze.

outside. This tunnel is how the murlocs enter the cave, as it is gentle enough that a babe wouldn't have much trouble. However, any character larger than a murloc (about 4 to 5 feet tall) finds the tunnel a tight fight; to proceed, a hero must make a DC 10 Escape Artist check. A Large character finds it even harder to proceed through the rear entrance (DC 30).

In emergencies, a heavy coral gate is pulled closed to both the front entrance to the living quarters, as well as the easy entrance/exit tunnel in the back. If the heroes triggered the alarm system, these gates are shut. A DC 20 Open Lock check removes the simple locks.

Creatures: 50% of the time, the living quarters are filled only with noncombatants who present no danger. 35% of the time, the chamber holds 1d3 guards (see Area 1 for statistics) in them, while 15% of the time, 1d4 guards and 1d2 raiders (see "Coming Upon the Village" above) are present.

Treasure: By raiding the dens for 10 minutes, the heroes may gather 100 gp worth of pearls and coral statues.

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