Area Workshop EL

Leaving the cave mouth behind, you travel down a corridor flanked by walls made of logs and iron bindings. As you walk, your feet kick aside scattered screws and springs, as well as rusted bits from unknown devices. A door carved of a solid ring of wood confronts you, bound in steel.

The door is locked (Open Lock DC 30). If the pummel squad was already drawn out by activity from the alarm-o-bots in Encounter 3, the door is open. Otherwise, the pummel squad ambushes anyone coming through the entrance. The heroes can avoid the ambush by approaching in silence, making Stealth checks every round until the door opens. If they do this, they surprise the pummel squad; otherwise, the squad is ready for them.

The room looks like a typical goblin workshop, with creaking desks arranged haphazardly and half-built constructs scattered about. In one corner, a functional alchemy lab occupies a dusty shelf. A tinker can use this room to make simple repairs on technological items, and can find any number of small parts if he needs to fix something.

Creatures: A pummel squad, made up of one (unmodified) arcane nullifier and several crowd pummelers, guards this room. Arcane Nullifier X-21: hp 105. See the Monster Guide for statistics. Crowd Pummeler 9-60s (5): hp 60 each. See the Monster Guide for statistics.

Tactics: The crowd pummelers use their Bash and Improved Bull Rush feats as much as possible, preferably against Small targets such as gnomes and goblins. The w

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