RaceRs of the WateRy Rave

Description: These elegant bracers are formed of fine, flexible silver links. A closer inspection reveals tiny silver scales covering the lightweight items. A tiny moonstone no bigger than a pinhead rests in the hollow of each scale, reflecting every gleam of light until the bracers seem alight with flame.

Naga magi first developed these bracers, and murlocs and sea giants stole the design to make their own.

Powers: The wearer may spend a day attuning the bracers to a particular location. The wearer must visit the location for 4 hours and cannot engage in combat during the day; for this reason most characters choose relatively peaceful locations near their homes.

Once the wearer attunes the bracers of the watery grave, she may activate the bracers once per day to teleport her and anyone she touches to the attuned location. Unwilling travelers must make DC 17 Will saves to avoid teleportation. Any teleported creatures, including the wearer, remain at the attuned location for 1 minute. After that time the creatures teleport back to their original location. The return trip occurs even if the bracers' owner no longer touches the transported subjects, or if she removes or loses the bracers. Unwilling creatures who failed their initial saving throws to resist teleportation do not receive a second saving throw to resist returning.

Bracers of the watery grave impose a -2 penalty on Hide checks in conditions other than total darkness.

Moderate conjuration; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, teleport; Price 20,250 gp; Cost 10,125 gp + 810 XP.

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