Class Fearu Res

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Naga anomalies gain no new proficiencies widi weapons or armor.

Mutations (Ex): At each level, the naga anomaly chooses diree mutations from diose listed below. Unless otherwise noted, the naga anomaly can take a mutation as often as he likes, though he cannot take a single mutation more than once in the same level. The naga anomaly can take any mutation available through the naga racial class (see Chapter 1: Races) as well. Unlike other naga, he can take these more than once, as well. Some mutations have prerequisites which die naga anomaly must meet before he takes that mutation.

Aquatic Shape (Su): The naga anomaly can take the form of his brediren under the waves. Anomalies often use diis ability on scouting or stealth-based missions.

Once per day, the naga anomaly can turn himself into any creature with the aquatic subtype. The effects last for 1 hour per naga anomaly level or until the naga anomaly assumes his natural form. This ability otherwise functions as the polymorph spell. You can take this mutation multiple times. Each time, you can use aquatic shape one additional time per day.

This ability counts as wild shape for the purposes of meeting prerequisites.

Battle Insight (Ex): The naga anomaly's mind quickens and his reflexes sharpen; he understands the intricacies of combat. His base attack bonus increases by +1.

Echo of the Octopus (Ex): The naga anomaly can emit a cloud of jet-black ink 10 feet high by 10 feet wide by 10 feet long once per minute as a free action. The cloud provides total concealment. All vision within the cloud is obscured. The naga anomaly can use this ink cloud only when underwater.

In addition, in the water, the naga anomaly can jet backward once per round as a full-round action, at a

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