Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A vindicator gains no proficiencies with weapons or armor.

Hunter's Mark (Ex): A vindicator excels at hunting those he deems his enemies. His determination and abilities become particularly remarkable against individuals he deems worthy of vindication.

Once per a week, the vindicator can designate one creature with his hunter's mark. The vindicator must be able to identify or recognize this target on sight. The target creature can be of any type, but it must, in the mind of the vindicator, be deserving of punishment. For as long as the creature retains the vindicator's mark, the vindicator gains a +2 bonus on Gather Information, Listen, Spot, Sense Motive and Survival checks made against the

Ref Save

Will Save

Fort Save

target. He also gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks while in combat with the marked creature, and gains a +2 bonus on damage rolls against it. These bonuses increase to +4 at 5th level and to +6 at 9th level.

Revenge (Ex): The vindicator discovers how to deliver quick, precise and unexpected blows to those who harm him or his companions. The vindicator can, once per day, make an attack of opportunity against an opponent who deals hit point damage to him or one of his allies. He adds his Intellect modifier (if positive) as a bonus on his attack and damage rolls for this attack. At 4th level, 7th level and 10th level, the vindicator may use revenge one additional time each day.

This ability does not grant the vindicator more attacks of opportunity than he is normally allowed in a round. Even with the Combat Reflexes feat, a vindicator may never use revenge more than once per round.

Silent Seething (Ex): A vindicator is a passionate, determined individual who seldom wavers. Much of his power derives from a desire for retribution few can fathom. While many consider the vindicator's inner demons a curse, they can be a blessing.

At 2nd level, the vindicator can call upon his hatred to increase his effectiveness in battle. The vindicator remains in control of his emotions while in this state. He can call upon his silent seething once per day at 2nd level and one additional time per day every two levels thereafter (2/day at 4th level, 3/day at 6th level, and so on).

While using this ability, the vindicator gains a +2 bonus to Strength as well as a +4 morale bonus on Will saves. He is so focused on his enemies that he cannot use any skill or ability that requires concentration, nor can he cast spells or activate magic items that require a command word, a spell trigger (such as a wand) or spell completion (such as a scroll). He can use any feat he has except for item creation and metamagic feats. A vindicator may prematurely end his silent seething, which lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + his Spirit modifier (if positive). At the end of the silent seething, the vindicator is fatigued for the duration of the current encounter.

Bonus Feat: When he attains 3rd level, a vindicator gains Bash, Concussive Shot (see Chapter 2: Class Options), or Counterstrike as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites.

Fearless (Ex): A vindicator is so focused and determined that he is extremely hard to scare. Upon reaching 6th level, he gains a +4 bonus on Will saves against fear effects and Intimidate checks.

Counterstrike: At 8th level, the vindicator gains Counterstrike as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites for it. If he already has this feat, he instead gains Improved Counterstrike (see Chapter 2: Class Options).

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