ClusteR Rocket LauncheR

Description: This goblin device is shaped like a large, unwieldy rifle with six immense cylinders surrounding the barrel. Rockets fly from these cylinders toward a selected spot, exploding there or nearby in a somewhat random pattern.

Operation: Loading a cluster rocket launcher is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Alternatively, the operator can load half the barrels as a move action. (The Lightning Reload and Improved Lightning Reload feats — described in the Alliance Player's Guide —apply to the launcher.) The weapon can be fired with any number of barrels loaded.

To fire the weapon, the wielder selects a specific grid intersection and activates the firing mechanism. He then makes a DC 15 Use Technological Device check. (This check determines whether the device malfunctions.) If the roll succeeds, all rockets launch toward the target, and the wielder makes an attack roll for each individually. The attack rolls are ranged attacks against AC 10, but the wielder takes a -5 penalty (the missiles aren't particularly accurate). If the Use Technological Device check fails, the shot targets a grid intersection 1d6 squares away in a random direction. Such misses can go around corners and other obstacles, as the missiles can take wildly veering flight paths. Similarly, if one of the wielder's ranged attack rolls fails, that rocket strikes a grid intersection 1d6 squares away in a random direction. A cluster rocket launcher can't be fired at a specific target, only a grid intersection point.

Each rocket explodes at the appropriate grid intersection point, dealing 2d6 points of fire damage to everyone within 10 feet. A DC 15 Reflex save halves the damage. All explosions combine into a single attack, so a foe struck by three blasts takes 6d6 points of fire damage (making only a single saving throw, and applying fire resistance only once).

Fuel: The weapon requires no fuel to operate.

Ammunition: The cluster bomb launcher employs rockets that are functionally identical to ordinary grenades. Use the statistics for grenades shown in the WoW RPG, Table 9-2: Weapons. Note, however, that a rocket must be constructed as a rocket and isn't useable as a grenade, nor can a normal grenade be fired from a cluster rocket launcher.

Malfunction: Randomly select six grid intersections 1d6-1 squares directly ahead of the user (in the direction he was firing). These are the initial target locations for each missile.

Hardness 5; 10 hp; Size Small (weapon category: Small, two-handed); Weight 14 lb.; MR 3; TS 18; Craft DC 38; Price 3,420 gp.

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