Clockwerk goblins go where they are programmed to go. What this usually means is that the tinker sets up an inert clockwerk goblin (or row of them), and, when the time is right, activates it (see below). The clockwerk goblin bumbles along in a generally forward direction. After a period of time (which the tinker sets when he activates the goblin), the mechanism detonates.

hostile creatures other than its activator. A character can program slightly more sophisticated tactics into the goblin, which takes 10 minutes and a DC 25 Use Technological Device check.

When a character activates a clockwerk goblin, he sets the device to detonate after a certain length of time, which can be anywhere from 1 to 10 rounds. Doing so increases the DC of the Use Technological Device check to activate the goblin by + 10. If the activator does not specify a number of rounds before the goblin detonates, or if he fails the Use Technological Device check by 10 or less, the goblin still activates, and detonates 1d10 rounds after activation.

Malfunction: The clockwerk goblin explodes immediately.

Hardness 5; 32 hp; Size Small; Weight 40 lb.; MR 2; TS 25, Craft DC 30, Price 700 gp.

Large Magical Beast (Air)

Hit Dice: Initiative: Speed:

Armor Class:

Base Attack/Grapple: Attack:

Full Attack:

Space/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities: Saves: Abilities: Skills:


Environment: Area:


Treasure: Alignment: Challenge Rating: Advancement: Level Adjustment: * These feats appear in Lands of Mystery.

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