Hobgoblins are bred to obey their goblin masters, and they do so. They are brutal and stupid; a hobgoblin's preferred tactic is to charge, howling ferociously, and pound away.

Blitz (Ex): A hobgoblin can enter a blitz, moving and attacking at incredible speeds. Entering a blitz is a free action that the hobgoblin can perform only on its turn. The effects of a blitz are identical to those of the bloodlust spell, save that the hobgoblin does not gain a bonus to Strength.

A blitz lasts for 1d4 minutes +1 minute per point of the hobgoblin's Stamina bonus. After a blitz, a hobgoblin passes out, falling unconscious to the floor. The hobgoblin remains unconscious for 1d4 x 10 minutes. He also loses a number of months (1d6) off his already short lifespan.

Seething Sweat (Ex): When a hobgoblin uses one of his alchemically-created abilities, he secretes a sticky acid that builds up on his skin. After a hobgoblin uses blitz or transmogrify, his skin becomes coated with this acid. A creature touching the hobgoblin, or that he touches (including slam attacks), takes 1d6 points of acid damage. In a grapple, the acid deals 1d6 points of damage per round.

In addition, after 3 rounds of combat, if the hobgoblin has used both blitz and transmogrify, a great deal of sweat

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