Concluding the Adventure

If the heroes defeat Goldknuckle before he sends finishes activating his machine, they now have access to a "world tweaker" — supposedly, it can do anything. In reality, the only thing it can do is explode. The machine is unstable, as a DC 20 Use Technological Device check reveals. Within the hour, it breaks down and likely explodes. The heroes have that long to gather their treasure and get away. If they don't, they are caught in the blast as the world tweaker blows apart.

If the heroes destroy the machine to keep Goldknuckle from using it (or if it explodes for another reason), they are in trouble. The GM should permit the heroes at least 1 round, and perhaps more, to flee from the collapsing device as it comes apart. Goldknuckle, of course, doesn't run — he feverishly try to repair his "baby" to the last.

After the heroes use or don't use their time to flee, the machine explodes, dealing 10d6 points of damage (half fire, half slashing) in a 100-foot radius (DC 27 Reflex half). The facility begins to collapse, with results at your discretion.

If the heroes fail to stop Goldknuckle, he laughs with glee as he issues the tweaking command. The device emits a blast of harmless light, but produces no noticeable effect. The fight (if any) continues, as Goldknuckle still needs to protect his hoard. His device is also still unstable, although he refuses to believe this (he is, after all, insane). However, it begins to break down almost at once, exploding 1d4+1 minutes later. A DC 20 Use Technological Device check reveals the danger, although the machine's constant shaking and vibrating loudly also helps.

"Goldknuckle" can lead to other adventures, such as the following.

• Another goblin inventor, also mad, seeks the heroes to find out what they know about the world tweaker. Eventually, he tries to build one.

• Fleeto might appear again in the campaign, looking to hire the heroes for some dangerous mission or other.

The Lost Idol is a World of Warcraft RPG adventure designed for four 2nd or 3rd-level heroes. Any races and affiliations are welcome in this adventure, although murloc and naga heroes may find it difficult to get help. A spellcaster would be helpful Boxed text is meant to be read aloud or paraphrased to the players.

The action takes place in a small coastal village on Azeroth's western shore and involves a small community of angry murlocs.

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