Control the Dark

This book includes all che inFoRmacion you need co play a chaRacceR unaFFiliaced wich che Alliance and HoRde, FRom a Rogue quilboaR shaman co a membeR oF che DaRkmoon FaiRe. DiscoveR eighc new Races and FiFceen Faccions. New game ele-mencs - classes, spells, cechnological devices, and che like - FuRcheR enhance chese chaRacceRs.

Concains eighc new Races, including naga, pandaRen and sacyRs.

Concains nine pRescige classes, including che bRewmasceR, deach knighc, and naga anomaly.

Includes vaRianc classes, Racial iconic classes, and cReacuRe classes, allowing you co play jusc che soRc oF chaRacceR you wanc.

BRims wich new Feacs, spells, magic icems, cechnological devices, and ocheR abilicies and icems co decimace youR opponencs.

Concains inFoRmacion on che FiFceen Faccions unaFFiliaced wich che Alliance oR HoRde, including cheiR leadeRs and scRacegies, naRRaced by Famed dwaRven exploReR BRann BRonzebeaRd.

Includes two adventuRes to challenge heRoes oF any aFFiliation.

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